A key component of Red Pill thought is that of not seeking consolation or approval outside yourself. I was re-reading a book by Anthony de Mello and came across this passage:

"Can you imagine a life in which you refuse to enjoy or take pleasure in a single word of appreciation or to rest your head on anyone's shoulder for support? Think of a life in which you depend on no one emotionally, so that no one has the power to make you happy or miserable anymore. You refuse to need any particular person or to be special to anyone or to call anyone your own... If you ever get to this state, you will at last know what it means to see with a vision that is clear and unclouded by fear or desire."

Having just gone through a cross-country move, I found these words very instructive. Living a life of our own design and choosing will often require us to "surrender" those we love to our higher purpose. No matter. Stay the course and be your best self.