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Be the patriarch

September 21, 2016

We live in a feminist-centered society, filled with double-speak. It’s a well-intended society that wants everyone to be happy, but it’s a clueless society that has no idea what people really want.

On one hand, our feminist-centered society wants “equality”, in that it wants to free everyone, man and woman, from gender roles. Society doesn’t want anybody to be held to any standard of behavior based on their sex. It wants a world where there are no such things as girl things or boy things, just things that human beings choose to do or refrain from doing, based on their personal preferences. A hedonistic world where everybody does whatever he or she likes, and nobody judges them for it or has any kind of gendered expectation about what sort of people should do what sort of things.

This pursuit of “equality” has required our feminist-centered society to make a few assumptions, some of them right, some of them dead wrong.

To abolish female gender norms, society needs to assume that female gender norms are wrong and unnatural. That women don’t choose to adopt certain “feminine” traits or behaviors by their own free will, but have been conditioned by our formerly patriarchal society to do certain things solely because they are supposed to. To abolish female gender norms, it’s necessary to assume that female gender norms are an artificial mask – a construct – and that women aren’t really like that. That women only turn out feminine because society forces them to do so.

Frankly, they were right about that. Women aren’t naturally “feminine”. They’re not naturally sexually conservative, demure, submissive creatures that revel in satisfaction when they cook and clean things and perform menial tasks. Society constructed this ideal notion of what a woman should be, and women have been trying to adhere to that ideal for centuries in order to gain social points. Not that long ago, being that kind of woman is what made a girl marriage material, and without a husband, she’d have a very difficult life. Conforming to these artificial ideals of female behavior was necessary for survival.

Today, society has removed most of the restrictions and consequences from female behavior of any sort. There are very few artificial barriers constraining women or forcing them to wear masks. And with these barriers gone, women aren’t naturally tending toward traditionally “feminine” behaviors. In the absence of restrictions and consequences, most women are slutty, lazy, manipulative bitches. Women aren’t sexually conservative by nature – they’re promiscuous as hell if you’ll let them be. Women don’t like cooking and cleaning shit – women prefer to do absolutely nothing while men who want to fuck them do and buy shit for them. And women aren’t shy about leading men on with (sometimes false) promises of love and sex to get what they want.

Unconstrained by social constructs, women aren’t “feminine” at all. Because traditional female gender norms are an artificial constraint that society placed on women. The natural state of females isn’t traditional femininity. It’s hedonism.

For society to combat male gender norms, it’s necessary to assume that male gender norms are wrong and unnatural. That when men hit the gym, aggressively pursue professional success, aggressively pursue sex with hot women, and act with strength, confidence, virility, competitiveness, machismo – traditionally “masculine” behaviors – that men aren’t really like that. That masculinity is just a mask. Something a bunch of insecure men are pretending to be when really, deep down inside, they’re just like women, but are afraid of being judged as unmanly, gay, not fuckable, etc. And that if society were to free men from these shackles of artificial male gender norms, men would pretty much be just like women.

They were dead wrong about this. Men are naturally masculine. Men are aggressive, competitive, and violent. In fact, out the other side of its mouth, in an impressive feat of double-speak, our society says exactly that! They argue that if we were to remove all consequences from men, men would be inclined to be violent rapists and murderers, and it’s only societal constraints and the fear of punishment that keeps man’s naturally violent, sexually aggressive impulses in check. That’s why we need to “teach men” to be better! Because men are naturally masculine. It’s not a mask.

When society opted to begin to teach men to be more feminine and to cast off the shackles of conventional, “toxic” masculine behaviors, this wasn’t done to free men and help them cast off the artificial mask of masculinity that they all felt forced to wear. This was done to constrain their unmasked male natures and force them into a mask. The mask of modern masculinity. Under the guise of “freeing” men from gender roles, society has actively sought to put men in chains by reinventing an artificial, constrained, safer, less “toxic”, female-centered version of masculinity and telling men that to be a real man, you need to be like that. That it’s those conventionally masculine men that are the fakers, who are wearing masks and acting out artificial roles.

Not so. Unconstrained by social constructs, men are very definitely “masculine”, in the conventional sense. The natural state of males is aggression.

The root of all of this societal pursuit of change is very simple: Men are stronger than women. Physically stronger. Period. And women live in constant fear of this.

The only reason women have any power at all is because men play along. Men allow them to have the illusion of power. They only reason a woman can safely travel from point A to point B without being raped or murdered by a stronger man is because men are playing along. And any given man at any given time could just say fuck it and quit playing along. Women live in constant fear of that.

For females to have any sense of equality, society needs to neuter man’s superior strength. It needs to retrain and reeducate men and redefine masculinity. Women can’t beat men physically, so they need to reengineer society so that society keeps men weak for them.

Society’s goal is to keep you out of the gym, temper your aggression and competitive nature, hobble your confidence, and placate you with porn, beer, video games, and other creature comforts. Turn you into an emotional hedonist. Just like a woman. Because women are afraid of men.

Remember, when you bulk up at the gym, when you confidently approach a woman, when she sees you coming, when other women see you walking past – they get uncomfortable. They’re afraid of you. You’re stronger than they are in every way. You have the power to rape or kill any of them. They’re weak. And even though you have no intention of doing anything of the sort, some part of their unconscious mind is afraid you might.

Women naturally submit to powerful, aggressive men out of fear. They’re afraid of you. And that fear – that adrenaline – translates into excitement. It turns them on. When their unconscious mind feels powerless next to you, like their only choice is to submit, their bodies respond by becoming aroused. And this scares women shitless.

You don’t have any allies in society. Society isn’t just anti-red pill. Society is anti-masculinity. Society doesn’t want you to be a strong, successful, confident badass. Society wants you to be a woman, because if you act like a man, women are afraid of you.

So fuck society. Hit the gym, be an aggressive, masculine badass, and bully the hell out of women. You’re stronger. They fear you, and the only reason they have any power whatsoever is because we, as men, let them. In the way you walk and the way you carry yourself, never hesitate to implicitly remind them of that fact. Every time they speak and act, every time walk from point A to point B safely, it’s because you choose to let them. You are their benevolent patriarch.

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