Become Obsessed With Your Goals

May 22, 2016

I remember when I started learning french, for someone that was already fluent in 2 languages, I felt like I should start learning another.

Everyday, no matter where I was, I learned a couple of words and remembered some of what I had already learned. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

The girl I was seeing always said. "Relax, you don't need to do this stuff everyday..."

I also remember when I went back to serious lifting, and decided to lift 6/5 days a week.

My family, my friends, girls, always say: "Stop it. Slow down. You are obsessed!".

This happens with everything I tried to put my head into. Everyone sees people giving 100% and they feel bad, they feel like you are doing something wrong. Don't believe it.

When you have a goal in your life, you have to become obsessed with it. Study it. Try different angles of the same problem.

You want to have sex but can't? You are doing something wrong, change your approach.

You want money but can't get it? You are doing something wrong, change your approach.

Becoming obsessed with productive goals is the secret to being happy. This is what men are build for, doing things, mastering things.

Don't ever forget that. That feeling you have when you love your body, that feeling of speaking a new language, building a software, winning a fight, making tons of money. This is what life is all about.

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