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Bitch admits paternity fraud. Dude sticks to his guns, saving his life and future.

March 8, 2015

You need a good Red Pill example from time to time to lift your spirits. Here's your dose for the day.


The highlight reel

We're both in our 30's and have just moved to a whole new city across the country a few months ago as I had been offered a much better paying job in an area that has generally lower living costs as well as it being a nice area to raise a child.

So this guy is a hard working STEM fella with fatherhood on his mind. Can't blame him. He's been sold the illusion that he can have a family and kids of his own.

she told me that while I was working hell week at the lab she met a guy during a night out with some work friends and one thing led to another and they ended up sleeping together.

But the woman can't handle being without attention for extended periods, so she seeks solace in strange dick. Never underestimate the importance of laying good pipe in your woman.

They want to be treated as sex objects, no matter how much their posters and burnt bras might suggest otherwise.

This carried on for a week or two supposedly because I was always working and not spending enough time with her (I worked 14 hour days during that time and just wanted to come home and sit.

Two weeks...

She mentioned how he lied about using a condom by saying he was using ultra thin ones and didn't realise what he did until she felt it.

...and she couldn't even be bothered to look at his dick?

Women will do anything to avoid blame, or to dampen any blame they can't avoid having assigned to them. And they'll use any brain-dead excuse that occurs to them.

Women will always try to squeeze your leniency and sympathy from you to avoid accountability. Never let them get away with this.

I returned home the next morning and demanded we book an appointment for a prenatal paternity test, which she was initially very much against but eventually gave in and agreed. I booked an appointment that morning for the following week and I stayed with my mate until the day. I took the afternoon off work and drove us there in silence, aside from her crying and apologising, got the procedure over with and dropped her back and went back to my mates until results day. [emphasis mine]

Our hero does two things exactly right here: he calls the cavalry (paternity testing), and he distances himself from the bitch so she can't toy with his feelings.

A woman's manipulation can be insidious. She will try to twist your mind slowly, turning her defeat into a slow-won victory by attrition. She'll try to change your feelings, and thereby change your mind. Never let them get away with this.

The "quick update" section at the end is the piece de resistance, so I won't spoil it for you here. Enjoy it.

A corollary to tough love is tough consequences. For too long men have treated women like helpless weaklings in spite of all the turmoil, pain, and damage they can obviously cause as a result of their indiscretions.

Showing too much leniency is dangerous for you as a man, because if you can forgive one transgression, you can be made to forgive ANY transgression.

This is why my previous post about Managing Your Bitches uses a scheme of permanent demotion. Once you show any amount of leniency, all she has to do is figure out how to tug at your sympathy again the next time she fucks up. When that happens, she'll convince you to sell your Dignity As a Man and forgive even the most egregious offenses to your patronage.

Maintaining your integrity is priority one. Never humble yourself before a bitch...because the challenges of the world will never humble themselves before you. If you're not strong and resolute when shit comes looking for you, it will destroy you.

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