Black Knighting 5

December 5, 2014

Recently a number of my readers asked me to write another installment of my Black Knighting series. The premise behind it is simple. We live in a society that caters to female needs at the expense of men. Women don't care about unfair quotas, unjust laws and stupid sensitivity seminars men must endure. Women only care about themselves. So instead of catering to women like most of sad fucks in existence, live for yourself. Have fun at the expense of women. Because fuck women.

Squirrel Chase: Feminist propaganda has conditioned women to have an absurd fear of rape. Feminists can't stop talking about rape, even though it's incredibly rare in the west. Because of this, many women irrationally fear men at night.

We've all been there. You make a late night trip to the store to get milk for breakfast. You're walking back to your apartment and suddenly some stupid bitch notices you and starts scurrying away. Because all men are rapists.

Its irrational and to some degree insulting. I'm not a rapist. I'm just a man who decided to run an errand at night. Next time this happens jog after her. There is no law against jogging. Chase her for a while and then stop. Enjoy the fear you created. Woof woof you stupid cunt.

Agree and Amplify: Many of my readers have the misfortune of being forced to attend a women's studies class or sexual harassment seminar. You only have one life to live and these losers are wasting it one minute at a time. Why not enjoy yourself? Why not have fun? Be the biggest feminist there. Insist on gender neutral pronouns. Insist on made up words like herstory. Intentional take things out of context and get offended. Its a safe place and no one can call you out. Beat them at their own game. Life is beautiful.

Biological Warfare: Many men harbor intense contempt for their gynocentric workplace. Women do less work, take more breaks and get credit for shit they are incapable of doing. Unfortunately you are prohibited from commenting on the status quo and you have no way of changing it. So how do you strike back against the empire? A women's greatest fear is becoming less attractive. Don't believe me? Tell a woman that you think she's gaining weight. Combine this fear with the fact that women are also incapable of self control and you have a recipe for a plausible deniability black op.

How do you exploit these two weaknesses? Start baking for the office. See how much butter and sugar you can make the little piggies eat. With sustained effort everyone will be up ten pounds in three to six months. They are going to thank you for their double chins and wiggly triceps. There is a certain joy in being the puppeteer. Making cheese cake for the office isn't just alpha, it's dark triad alpha.

Follow me on twitter @GayLubeOil If you have good ideas for Black Knighting, post it in the comments. If you have some ideas you would like me to explore PM me.

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