If none of you have played the game, "Bloodborne," I highly recommend it. It's great fun. Part of what makes it interesting is that as the player gains a statistic called "Insight," he learns that the world is radically different than it appears at first. As one becomes more insightful, some characters speak with you where the did not before, other characters appear entirely as if out of thin air, and many of the human enemies reveal their true, beast-like nature.

Of course the easy takeaway that many here will come to is that the above paragraph shows what happens when one swallows the proverbial pill. Boys, that's not the point. Here is the bottom-line-up-front: swallowing the pill is not enough; you must increase your SMV for women to reveal their nature to you.

Now, onto my little story.

A while back I was traveling for work and took some time to have dinner and drinks with some folks I was working with. This group included two men, myself an another guy I know fairly well. It included also four women whom we had met through the event we were all attending. Ages ranged from mid- to late-thirties.

Now, I don't always follow TRP's prime directive of keeping that shit to one's self. Ultimately, I'm of the opinion that unless someone is paying me, or I particularly care about their thoughts about me, I don't really care to censor myself. Fuck their feelings; I speak the truth. And, what I've found is that, if you are a high value man, people respect that. That said, I don't use typical TRP-speak or terminology, so my arguments probably go over better this way.

So, as my friend and I began to speak with these women I bluntly stated such items as:

  1. (To a single woman.) It must be getting harder to date now that you're past 30. The response: Oh, yes, men age much better than women; it sucks.

  2. (To a married woman.) I keep my marriage strong because I don't compromise on important things. (I'm married--yes, yes, go ahead and sling shit.) The response: God! I wish my husband got that; I don't want to be in charge all the time. It's a total turn off.

  3. At some point one of the women began lamenting her move into a coastal city and stated her disdain for modern, sensitive men: They disgust me; they are not men and literally, they are disgusting. I'm not exaggerating this statement at all.

Some of the women blatantly hit on my friend and I, even though we were married and decidedly not interested. We are both successful and physically fit men who do masculine things like hunt, fight and fly aircraft.

Now, what struck me is that these women were all relatively attractive. Now, even in their thirties they were all in shape and were solid 6's. Ten years ago would have been hard 7's and soft 8's. I would self assess my friend and I to be 8-8.5--essentially unchanged from our 20s. So, it occurred to me that a decade ago the SMV difference between myself and these girls would not have been very great.

Moreover, it also occurred to me that they would not have been so straightforward about their outlooks on the sexual marketplace. Essentially every word that came out of their mouths would have fit in perfectly here. There was literally zero bullshit of the type you'd find on places like AskHamsters. And yet these women were highly educated and financially successful. The two married women made more money than their husbands. In short, they were exactly what feminists want to be. And yet, here they were, flirting and spouting Red Pill truths to men they'd just met.

Let me not bullshit you. Post wall though they may be, these women were still relatively attractive and had options. As such, I don't think these women would be so forthright with most Red Pillers. The reason is simple; most of you have not raised your SMV to a sufficient point that it overwhelms their own. Indeed, ten years past, they would not have been so honest with me. A decade ago their SMV would have been close enough to my own that they would not be so easily compelled toward honesty. Could I have gamed them back then? Probably. But, they'd have not let their guard down entirely. Such a thing is reserved only for those whose SMV truly outshines a woman.

And so, like the protagonist in Bloodborne, you know something is wrong with the world. It is not as it seems. You've swallowed the pill. But that is not enough! You haven't raised your core statistics (Insight in the game; SMV in the real world) to such a point where women will reveal their true nature to you. Only when a woman's SMV is overwhelmed by your own will they, like the NPCs of Bloodborne, strip off their exterior and show you who they really are.