Briffault is known for what is called Briffault's law: The female, not the male, determines all the conditions of the animal family. Where the female can derive no benefit from association with the male, no such association takes place..

I copy pasted this from Google. While this is technically true, Red pillers interpret this the wrong way. What many of us on TRP think is this means: "a woman will leave a man with status and money when he loses it, bro!"

"Women don't love the same as men, bro! They only love opportunistically, bro!"

I'm here to tell you why this is largely a load of horse shit.

Often, we point to the man who betabuxes for a woman and gets divorce raped. "He loved her so much," we say, "he provided for her, bought her a house, gave her everything she wanted, was a good father, and yet she still cheated on him and divorced him". "There it is! Proof women can't love you," internet virgins larping as slayers type, "The red pill is law, Briffault's law is the truth!".

If men were to really face, the truth, we would know why that statement is erroneous. Let's analyze this "male love" that is so different from female love. What is male love founded in? Male love is built upon sexual attraction. Without sexual attraction, a girl will at best be a quick fuck while a man is in a dry spell, (we've all been there), and at worst ignored all together. Without this sexual attraction, no love can exist. Therefore, the betabux in the example above was never loved by the woman not because of some obscure internet law, but because she was never sexually attracted to him.

Men on here who site Briffault's law on this site have likely never seen the way women chase "Chads", for lack of a better word. I have literally heard of girls forgiving dudes doing crazy shit I won't type on this site in the name of love. I have heard of girls taking in homeless men simply because she thought they were "hot". Most of my friend group who are in relationships, the girl is more successful than the guy. Ask the girl why she likes him: "he's hot and treats me well" (without being a pushover of course. The whole thing about women liking assholes is kind of not true as well, you can be dominant and assertive without being an asshole. Obviously they'd take an asshole over a guy who was nice and passive though).

The flaw of the betabux is that he hears LMSG, looks, money, status, and game, and knowing he has no looks and no game, he pursues money and status, when those things never have and never will create sexual attraction. Sexual attraction is actually, the LAST thing that girls consider for LONG TERM RELATIONSHIPS. They consider social status, provisioning potential, and how well the partner treats them all before sexual attraction for long term relationships. However, for short term, dominance, and sexual attraction are the first thing considered, studies have shown.

LTRs are great if your girl is sexually attracted to you, but most girls are not sexually attracted to their long term partners. How much money you make does not make her pussy wet. How much status you have only makes her pussy wet to a small degree. For sexual attraction, Looks and Game are the only thing that matters. And don't be like the betabux and think, "I don't have looks, I might as well develop my game,", because in all honesty, looks are a bigger piece of the pie here. Work on both.

Women can exhibit "male love" that is "unconditional" too if they are sexaully attracted to their partner. It's just that the pool of men women are attracted to is significantly smaller than vice versa. But on the bright side, a man's behavior plays a much larger role in sexual attraction for women than vice versa. I'm not saying a 4 will be an 8 if he "mAinTaIns fRaMe". But a 6 with good frame, masculine energy, charisma, and wit who also matches that particular woman's personality might be an 8 to that woman overall.

We should really stop saying Looks Money Status = SMV, because SEXUAL market value and relationship market value are two different things. SMV = Looks and GAME. RMV = looks, money, status, and game to a much lesser degree.

A girl will go hop on a "Chad's" dick for free, while making the guy with money and status take her on 9 dates for a kiss. A girl will beg for a "Chad" back after he cheats on her, and stay faithful to him, while cheating on the betabux who gives her everything. A woman's love is probably MORE unconditional than a man's if she is sexually attracted to you.