Building Power - The brainstorm

January 12, 2018

If you haven't read my address yet, please start here:

I am starting this open-ended thread as a continuation of my discussion of building power.

One of changes we are planning for /r/theredpill is utilizing our strength in numbers and unity to continue building out an infrastructure that benefits like-minded men and gives us the tools and power to succeed in life and control our own fates.

As such, please use this space to brainstorm ideas that men here can contribute to that could aid in this front.

The TRP.RED development team will be following this thread and while the ideas here don't need to be technological in nature, we will be selecting ideas that we believe would benefit the community that we could undertake ourselves (with volunteers if any are willing) to bring power and strength to our infrastructure.

Some other ideas I'll just spitball here:

  • A men's anti-feminism legal fund

  • A one-to-one mentor/apprentice matching system to allow men to gain life and career skills

  • A new school accreditation system outside of our current system that competes with the currently feminized system


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