Summary: Been on the dating scene awhile and have witnessed some extraordinary divorce rape. Don't get married.

Body: Recently started dating a man who revealed to me that he pays $7500 per month to his ex-wife in alimony and will continue for the next ten years.

Personally, I've been trying to wrap my mind around the absurdness of alimony and the duration at which one has to pay it. I understand that in theory the woman stayed at home all those years supporting the man in his career and shouldn't be left to starve. Years and years of alimony is a hell of a severance package though.

Conclusion: Don't fucking get married. This can't be said enough on this sub. Want to know what a lifetime prison sentence is? Ask any guy paying LIFETIME alimony. If you are married for over 20 years and then divorce, some states can require you to pay your ex every month until you die.