Chad's easy peasy life

August 15, 2018

Just wanted to share some observations that everybody knows. But still.

I know a hot girl who set up her phone password as 123456 so once I spent the evening at her place and she was sleeping, I enjoyed some snooping.

Brazilian 35 years old sports coach - typical chad

Flirted with her, offered some "sexercise session". She hesitated for a couple days, finally invited him over at her place in the middle of the afternoon. He came, they banged, he left. After that she messaged him "your cock is awesome". She messaged her best friend and her friend "his cock is awesome". She keeps on telling him he has a great body (he does). She tells her friends it's just sexual, she knows he's hooking up with tons of girls but doesn't care because it's just a sexual relationship, they are having fun, she's experimenting. He came 2 or 3 times at her place in the last 2 months: they have intense sex session, then he's gone. Commitment = 0.

In the meantime she complains about this other guy she likes but went cold feet on her and doesn't know what he wants "men are all the same". In the meantime she sees me sometimes on the weekend but I don't count because I have a girlfriend so we are just friends.

Dammit I need to lift more :) also AWALT.

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