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Change your actions, and your thoughts will follow.

September 29, 2015

"Hi, askTRP, I pulled a threesome the other day, and couldn't get it up because I was drunk and had a case of nerves. Now I feel like a loser."

"Hi, askTRP, I pulled 300lbsx5 reps deadlift the other day, but gainz are coming slowly, and I feel feel small and weak."

"Hi, askTRP, I'm stuck at 15% bodyfat. I feel like a blob of lard."

"Hi, askTRP, my girlfriend wears a slave collar and calls me "master", but sometimes she fetches me the wrong kind of beer from the fridge, because she forgot what kind I like. Is it because I'm not alpha enough?"

The old seduction groups used to say "fake until you make it". Here we say to change your habits, and your mind will follow.

There will be a period of time, after you learn to act masculine, and get some success, where you will feel like a fraud and a loser in disguise. This is because actions are quicker and easier to change than thoughts. You will have new patterns of behaviour, but remember old ones. You will compare yourself to everyone Gronk!ing away on TRP. Your standards will rise faster than your progress. Your self-image will take time to catch up to the new you.

This is just what happens. Thoughts are habits ground in over years. Actions are what you are doing right now... they can change in an instant. Along the road between you and your goals, you will have moments of imposter syndrome.

Remember that there is no such thing as "who you are inside". You are defined only by what you do. If you do something awesome in the next two minutes, then in that moment, you did something awesome, and that is all that matters. And if you didn't do what you wanted, or get the result that you wanted, then that will no longer matter the moment you do it right.

The greatest advantage of being a man is the same as the greatest disadvantage: You have no inherent value, and you are worth only what you accomplish. This means you can acquire value at any time. If you're better than you were yesterday, you win. If tomorrow you are better than you were today, you win again.

Never waste time asking the question of how well you are doing. Mirrors are for people without a distant horizon to focus on. Only ask yourself what you want, and plan how you're going to get it.


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