Christiano ronaldo

March 14, 2017

Ronaldo is right now one of the most influential, best and richest players in football/soccer right now. He has a net worth of 230$ million dollars.

But along with using his wits on the field, he also uses them in his private life. Seeing as you're RP men, I doubt you spend much time on social media but if you have, you may have noticed accusations against Ronaldo when he recently said he's expecting twins via a surrogate mother in the United states. Cristiano has already used surrogacy with expected results.

People immediately lashed out at him. Accusing him of being gay (which is why he's dating a latina beauty right now) or that he will never be able to fill his "void" (whatever the fuck that means)

Instead of this, if it was a single influential female figure who said she was having kids this way, barely anyone would so much as open their mouth, if not to congratulate her for being a strong "wymen".

If you go on facebook right now, you'll notice how majority of the accusers are fat cucks, neckbeards and post-wall women.

In reality Cristiano is being smart. European soccer players are one of the major prey of predatory gold diggers. Many such naive players had been mercilessly divorce raped by these cunts. He must have seen or heard of such examples otherwise why even consider surrogacy.

Tl;dr Cristiano ronaldo said he was going to have twins via surrogacy. Majority of people immediately were triggered

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