Close friend committed suicide after falling madly in "love" with a girl.

May 9, 2016

This is my first post ever and this incident is what prompted me to share this story with you.


A friend committed suicide last Tuesday, but his body was found three days later. He was in love with a girl who apparently did not respond to his "love" in the way he anticipated. So last Tuesday after consuming a bottle of Smirnoff, he hung himself. And the worst part, it all started and ended in the last six months.


So there was this office colleague of mine, who was also a close friend. And there was this girl in our office who was a part of our extremely limited friend circle. A little background on the girl. She is a flirtatious type who attracts the attention of many men. She is not a looker but nevertheless is approached by many. She also very recently had her marriage canceled because her then boyfriend (who would have been her husband) caught "cold feet".

After she returned to work following this disaster (her words), we made fun of her. In hindsight I know it was a little mean, but we did it anyway. Naturally, this guy gave her a comforting shoulder and very soon it became apparent to me that there was something going on between the two. Whenever we went outside for parties, they used to sit together, hug each other closely and in general be close. They hung out almost everyday. Then he resigned from our office and joined a new one. Even then their hanging out never ceased. I used to go with her for breakfast in the office cafeteria daily and she always received a phone call from him just chit chatting about where they were, whether they had eaten and that sort. This made it clear to me they were in some sort of a relationship.

Then they took two outstation trips together. I think it was following this when the guy started having very strong feelings towards her. I still don't think they had fucked but I might be wrong (A guy and a girl in the same room don't play chess). Now things are a little murkier from here for me as I was not privy to their personal situation. But nonetheless, from whatever I gleaned, it seems like that he proposed to her and she refused. And then he started obsessing over her. He would call her multiple times and she would not pick up. He would call my manager (his ex- manager) asking if she was alone and if he could tell her to talk to him. This went on for almost two months. In the meanwhile, whenever it suited her they still went out.

And then this news broke last Friday. He had hung himself the Tuesday before, after consuming a bottle of Smirnoff. He was wearing the same watch we had gifted him as a farewell present and he had the suicide node under its strap. His last call was to her, which she hadn't picked up.

Lessons Learned

At this point I am too numb to think but cold hard logic would point me out to:

  1. Do not let a girl become your life. You come first period.
  2. It is all a game and the one least emotionally invested has the better hand.
  3. Realise that you are the prize, not her.

This is all I can think right now.

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