Summary: I talk about how I am puzzled over the fact that the red pill dislikes western women (your typical white girls) yet praises how awesome the college experience is, especially in terms of meeting women. The reason I say this is because most of the colleges that offer the "college experience" (your state universities) of partying, Greek Life, and getting laid are loaded with your stereotypical white girl from the suburbs who is highly entitled.


It puzzles me that this sub talks about how great college is for meeting women, partying, enjoying life, dating, and running game but at the same time dislikes how awful western women are. Now the reason I say this is because colleges with the best party scenes tend to be schools like say UC - Santa Barbara or some typical state university loaded with middle class and wealthy white kids. Go to any party school and this is the reality.

At these schools, how would most hot girls typically be like? Well they'll usually be white, from a middle class or upper middle class neighborhood, American, and in some campuses they will be in sororities. Sorority girls embody some of the worst personality traits of American women! Now don't get me wrong, there will be foreign exchange students but by and large they will be very small in number compared to your typical sorority bimbos and just western women in general. Even the Asian girls that go to these college will be the whitewashed kind.

Compare that to living in a world class city where you have more variety in terms of hot girls such as Latinas, European women, Slavic girls, Russian girls, Brazilian girls, and the variety goes on and on.

Think about it for a second!

Big colleges that offer the "college experience" of partying, wild sex, and all that = loaded with your typical western girls and sorority bimbos

Big cities that offer all of that = loaded with women from across the globe

IMO, I would rather take the big city, wouldn't you?

You cannot possibly think that quality at Chad Thundercock State university located in Dudebro town can rival the quality in NYC, Los Angeles, or Las Vegas. If you think that, you're indirectly saying that being in a place loaded with entitled bottle blonde sorority bimbos is much better than being in a place full of hot girls from around the world of varying nationalities and ethnic groups.

Lessons learned:

College is not the best time of your life to even meet women, we shall survive!