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COMBAT FALSE RAPE ACCUSATIONS; A Few Tips To Pre-Post & Hook-up Measures To Mitigate Risk.

June 10, 2019

TL;DR: See Summary.

DISCLAIMER: This is just a guide. Seek legal advice if necessary.


Whenever you put your penis in someone; the issue of consent is paramount to an enjoyable experience. That said we here KNOW consent can be and often is covert. It's not stated; it's implied. This guide is simply a few tricks I picked up along the way to help ensure all parties get out of an interaction what they desire; whilst mitigating the risk of adverse outcomes.


  1. VETTING; Screening is a vital skill. Acquiring it will not ensure you from accusations but can significantly REDUCE THE RISK of it occurring. Some of the indicators I looked for were; strong communication skills, pleasant and inviting demeanour/attitude, the company they were with(if applicable) and their level or interest(IOI's) as our interaction progressed. Then when I deemed her worthy I'd escalate from there.

  2. BE CLEAR AND DIRECT; If it's ONS or an LTR; in all your communications; be as straight-forward as possible. For example if it's a side plate and you don't want to blow up your main you might CHOOSE to be a little more discerning with how direct/clear/honest you are. In general though the closer to the truth you are; the easier you make your life.

  3. BACK-UP TEXTS/EMAILS/COMMUNICATIONS; Ensure you have a record of events leading up to; and if possible the event itself. It doesn't matter if it's explicit; it just have to be clear enough that a reasonable person can imply the meaning(e.g. have sex). Aim for the communications/records you keep to be admissible but confirm the laws of the jurisdiction you're in. In court; your innocence is ONLY as good as your evidence.

  4. DICK HER GOOD; Women who have a positive association with you will more often than not lean towards remaining positive towards you. This means more than just good sex. Everything leading up to; and following should be a positive experience for both of you.


  1. THE AFTER TEXT; I wrote a summary about it years ago so look it up if you're interested.

  2. AMICABLE ENDINGS; Understandably when emotions are involved it's easy to succumb and NUKE a relationship without ever looking back. I however am a firm believer of the utility of human beings. Whether it's an ex-wife or a ONS; aim to end relationships positively. Whilst it may prove fruitless it does gives you the possibility to re-engage that relationship from a place of power.


These tips WON'T prevent rape accusations. We're in a victim-driven era where it's easier to cry false* than be accorded the right to the due course of law. These tips however CAN help mitigate the risk to you. Please add to the conversation as every little bit helps.

Godspeed and good luck!

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