Common Critiques of The Red Pill

April 20, 2013

I wanted to have an on-hand url to link to when people make one of the common red pill critiques, since I'm tired of rewriting the same thing over and over.

The Red Pill is Misogyny

False. I'm going to break this answer into two parts.

Part One

There is no systemic hatred of women here. The red pill is a subreddit dedicated to helping men find the truth regarding inter-gender relations. The sad truth is, a lot of these men were raised to believe a set of values that are no longer relevant in today's culture, and yet our culture continues to propagate these values. Men find themselves repeatedly failing when trying to do the simplest and most human task of all: Finding love.

Finding love isn't an unreasonable goal, everybody should have their shot at happiness. Or so we are told. But these men quickly find that the learned traits and behaviors they grew up with, the ones re-enforced by popular media (movies, tv), the ones their mothers and fathers advocated, they actually work against them if they are to find a mate. It actually makes them unsuccessful.

Of course upon hearing the reality of what it is that makes some men successful with women, the first gut reaction is typically denial. There's no way any of this is true. It contradicts everything I've ever known and heard. Nobody agrees with it. Heck, if I ask a girl if any of this is true, she'll be disgusted at the very concept... it must be wrong!

But nevertheless, here we are, discovering these theories and truths, and putting them into practice on the field, and getting real results.

We call learning and internalizing the red pill "swallowing the pill" or "unplugging." Yes, it's a cheesy Matrix reference, but it's an apt metaphor. Ultimately the pill is a bitter one, it pulls the proverbial carpet from underneath your feet. Everything you believed about society, marriage, relationships, women, it's all wrong. You've been lied to.

It's a very difficult transition between being plugged in and really understanding the concepts here. Often this transition is met with anger. This is a normal step in the transition.

Why would people lie to me? Why would mom lie to me? Why would my girlfriend lie to me? Why would society lie to me?

This stage usually doesn't last too long, but does come with it's share of venting. Is it hatred of women? It is not. It's anger towards every person, group, and system that has propagated lies. And rightfully so. I believe anger is an important step. It's the first real step in taking control of one's own life and understanding happiness is yours to take if you want it.

But this is not to be confused with a systemic hatred of women. While these men may curse god and all that live on this planet, this is anger, and not directed hatred. It's important to note that when somebody says, "how can women do something like XYZ??" It is an expression of anger a perceived injustice.

Our critics would like to paint this anger as hatred. It's a temporary anger, and as we learn the theories and concepts here, it's an anger that fades. It's difficult to really grasp a different world view, and the red pill changes everything we know.

When men begin to realize that their goals are unrealistic, and begin to understand more about our theories and what we've labeled the feminine imperative, an understanding of what the lies are that are propagated, and why they are told.

This transforms anger into something constructive: understanding and setting new goals. With new goals, happiness can be achieved.

This is not the systemic hatred of women. This is introspection and understanding, and all the emotional outcomes of the process.

Now, you've probably noticed, we do heavily critique women's mating strategy, we analyze the public face on their strategies, the rationalizations they make for their actions that they readily admit to on threads in askwomen or relationships. This does not constitute hatred, and anybody trying to conflate the two is disingenuous and flatly wrong. Critique and hatred are two very different things.

Part Two

The term misogyny is a thought terminating cliche. We disallow it's usage in any way that isn't' strictly ironic on our sub because the term itself is terribly meaningless and serves no other purpose but to attach a negative stigma to a very real experience these men are having. The term itself is part of what we refer to as the feminine imperative, because it's only real usage is for shaming men and ensuring their obedience.

The very act of discussing ideas that are different or not specifically politically correct is what draws this fire, the accusation of misogyny. Ultimately, our culture attempts to shame instead of understand where we are coming from. Instead of debate with reason, the term "misogyny" rears its ugly head. It's an emotional trick, to try to stigmatise our subreddit- and it always points to one logical conclusion: If there were a solid logical argument against the red pill, would opponents not rather use those instead of cheap tricks like the word "misogyny?"

Usage of the word misogyny accomplishes precisely the goal of those using it, not to encourage an open discussion or debate the merits of red pill ideology, but instead to stifle conversation, to ensure arguments are not heard over the cries of "misogyny." Any who attempt to defend it be wary, as they themselves will associate with said misogyny, and themselves risk the label misogynist. Instead of having to reason on merit, they declare evil the very debate itself. An effective tool to silence people. Except, of course, not any more, since we really don't care.

I'll be adding more in the near future, and sidebaring this.

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