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Compassion for your fellow man

October 9, 2016

This post has been thrown together quickly, so I make no apologies for the quality level. Decide for yourself.

For the EC weekend I wanted to discuss a shorter topic which seems to be forgotten regularly on TRP. That is the situation in our society that lacks compassion for the average man. You’ll see regular examples of this in the man paying alimony who can’t afford it. The man who can’t afford his child support being sent to prison. The general indifference a large chunk of society has towards the male suicide epidemic going on... you’d think in such an advanced society we’d see something like that as a national crisis or major emergency that needed solving as a priority. However it’s treated like any ordinary national problem alongside the new doctors contract... to be sorted in due course, but not worthy of being fast-tracked.

It’s generally accepted on TRP that you can expect society to largely ignore your needs. In addition to this, in order to remain attractive, you can’t expect compassion from women when you are struggling. It makes you look weak and less attractive. We’ve seen plenty of examples where women admit the feelings of repulsion for a man who requires emotional support from them. (Usually combined with guilt.) Which leaves two places you can get this compassion. Your male friends, and TRP. You could also consider the internet in general, but going to places like r hamsters will usually just get you blamed for being too needy or some such nonsense.

Anyways, one of the things that TRP prides itself on is the freedom to come here and vent. Want to get that anger out? Fine. We’re not going to judge you for it. Need a little emotional support because stuff has gone to shit? Fine, we’ll do that too. How about you need a kick up the ass for being a little baby? We’ve got you covered. However this one is where some don’t realise where it comes from. All of these are different ways of helping our fellow man which comes from a level of compassion that we all have, (and need to some degree), which is lacking for the men of today. Even when we’re telling you that you’re a pussy and need to man the fuck up, it comes from that compassion to adapt the message in the best way to get men to excel. In some cases, that challenging language works best to motivate.

The flip side of this is that there are some insecure men who need to tell others they’re faggots or pussies mostly out of aggression or directionless rage. In other words, the language isn’t there for motivation and compassion never drove it. While I have no interest in tone policing, I would make an observation from a self-improvement perspective: If you’re laying down some aggressive language, ask yourself one question: is it to challenge them out of compassion? If not, then perhaps there is some introspection you could do to figure out where this is coming from.

This journey we’re on never ends gentlemen. We are all apprentices in a craft we shall never master. Now watch as this post brings out a few of the guys who could do with the introspection I’ve just mentioned.

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