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Complaining about women is not progress.

May 12, 2014

We've all done it.

We've all experienced that frustration with dealing with someone very different than ourselves, and that frustration is redoubled and redoubled again when we live in a place and time that discourages and even punishes criticism of certain people.

So, when we find a discussion venue or a private conversation where women are NOT held as sacred cows, immune to censure of any kind, the temption to bitch endlessly is strong indeed, especially when we are in the angry phase.

And often others in this sort of conversation are reluctant to demur, because they know that white knighting, tone policing, and concern trolling are real things, and dangers to be avoided.

But complaining about a problem doesn't fix the problem. In fact, it is the opposite of fixing a problem. We complain to make ourselves feel better, and much of the time we do this by laying the blame for our difficulties on others.

But when we lay the blame on others, we surrender to circumstance and relenquish power. We say "this was done to me" instead of "I made this mistake, and suffered harm as a result".

Whenever a bad thing happens to us, or even whenever we are disappointed and frustrated, the blame lies partially with others and the universe, but partially with ourselves. The path to power, power in the sense of control over our own lives, lies in seeking out the ways in which we are at fault. Because these are the parts we can change.

You're not going to change women. You wouldn't even want to. The same things that make them frustratingly irrational on facebook posts are the things that also make them feminine and loveable to us. They live with their hearts. You wouldn't want them to live with their heads. If you did, you'd be gay. (And if you ARE gay, you probably don't find women all that frustrating, because you can take them or leave them.)

If you blame women for being how they are, instead of looking for the ways that your expectations of them are flawed, instead of looking for the ways that it is good for them to be as they are, instead of seeing the ways that they must be as they are... you are hurting only yourself. You are taking the path of least resistance instead instead of the path of self-improvement. You are sparing your feelings at the expense of your ambitions.

This is indeed an open forum for you to say socially unacceptable, politically incorrect things, if you wish. It must remain so, because some of those things are true, or useful, or both.

But consider your own progress, worth, and control over your life.

Laughing at women for being bad at obstacle courses, for example, is just a sop to your inner weakness. Because you know full well that women aren't for obstacle courses. That's your job. Women are for other things, and you want and need them for those other things, just as they want and need certain things from you.

You will grow if you understand how they operate and how to deal with them. You will stagnate if you sit around blaming them for not being like you.

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