Dalrock - Stroking the Feminist Resentment

March 4, 2016

The Atlantic has a new piece up titled The Scourge of the Female Chore Burden:

All over the world, women are doing work they’re not getting paid for. In rich countries, it might be folding the laundry or staying home to take care of a sick child. In developing countries, unpaid labor tends to be more physically arduous, like hauling water and chopping wood. Wherever you are, it’s considered women’s work.

This is standard fare, and part of the constant bombardment women receive encouraging them to be discontent. It is also part of a very long tradition, going back to the Serpent and Eve in the garden of Eden. This particular piece is noteworthy however because the stand in for the Serpent is billionaire Melinda Gates complaining about the patriarchal oppression of being married to Bill Gates:

For those who think it can’t be done, Gates offers an example from her personal life. Though Bill and the couples’ children would always help with after-dinner cleanup, she nevertheless was always the last person left in the kitchen, “doing those last few little things.”

Finally, she issued an edict: No one leaves the kitchen until mom does.

The Atlantic piece whispers that if only men worked more around the house and slept less, women would finally be content. This is a lie even the Serpent would be proud of.

Read the rest: https://dalrock.wordpress.com/2016/02/24/stoking-feminist-resentment/

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