Summary: the more you try to be like Emilie Voe Nereng, the higher quality men will want to date you.


Qualities that Emilie possesses:

  • Physical beauty: On a 1-10 looks scale, this girl is a 10. Shiny hair, unblemished skin, straight teeth, low BMI yet still curvy, luscious facial features, youthful glow, etc, etc
  • Femininity: Emilie is undeniably girly and demure. Emilie flexes and bends and smiles and celebrates. She is not rugged and does not strain. She is everything a man is not, nor can we ever be, and we adore her for this.
  • Youth: Emilie is young, probably 18 years old. We prefer girls below the ages of 25 (though exceptions can be made). After 25, girls begin to "hit the wall", meaning they lose their sexiness. Women can remain beautiful throughout life, but the sexiness largely only lasts from 17-25.
  • Health: She is undeniably healthy. You get the sense she eats well and has decent emotional balance (huge). Every cell of her body (mind, muscles, organs) seem working at 100%.
  • Simplicity: Emilie is free and easy. She does not harbor complications, but walks and exercises with grace and ease.
  • Kindness: She exudes joy and happiness. She is not bitter, angry, full of blame, or heavy with grief.
  • Purity: In the best sense, Emilie comes off as delightfully naive. Men love this as it means we get to show her new things (sex, travel, ideas, etc). If she was already sexed, traveled, and full of ideas, we are uninspired.
  • Modesty: Despite this being an exercise video about her body, she is not asserting any erotic element into her words.
  • Dependency: Emilie comes across as somebody who needs a provider. Men feel delight in supporting our women. If a woman gives off the sense that she doesn't need us, it is uninspiring.
  • Connection: The way she plays with the puppy, the way she interacts with the grassy field, you get the sense that Emilie moves through the world with connection and harmony. The world is blessed by her elegance.

I'm in the top 5% of men. I am an entrepreneur in my early 30s who earns a seven figure salary. I'm tall, handsome, fit, dress well, love my family, and have excellent emotional health. I have grand dreams for my future and am looking to include a girl in it.

Lesson learned: If you want to land a guy like me, you need to be more like Emilie. Obviously, most of you cannot be 18 years old ever again. That ship has sailed. However, many of the other elements can be instituted at any point in your life. You can work on your emotional balance (therapy), diet, physique, femininity, simplicity, etc.