July 9, 2019

TLDR- Be discreet. Learn to shut the fuck up. Never corner her hamster, never make her feel like a slut.

I was reading ExoticPanther's fun field report and came across this little dandelion:

"she was attempting to rub me through my jeans. I got almost giddy, one of my friends had come over and in a moment of wanting to 'show off' I pointed down to my groin and showed her trying to rub me, she saw this. Now when they say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, I think they were referring to this girl. She blew up on me, I've never been slapped and called an asshole so quickly in my life. She went nuclear."

This reminded me that I've been wanting to make a post about discretion.

You must understand that even though deep down every woman is a sex-loving slut, there is an incredible amount of social, moral, and internal pressure on them NOT to be slutty. That is why LMR and ASD are so universal. It gets at the core of the female dilemma. Here is some advice for you autistic bastards:

  1. Shut the fuck up. Seriously. Dont talk about it. You fucked a girl on the weekend, and now you're back at school/ work with the boys? Eager to brag about your exploits and show off pictures of the 6-point buck you bagged? Dont. Keep your trap shut. As AMS says, the streets are ALWAYS watching - that means that women are ALWAYS watching, listening, and filing away information about you. When you're in the break room, the hallway, wherever. Even if you think no one else is within earshot, assume that they are. If a woman overhears you bragging about your latest conquest, she will likely cross you off the "would fuck" list. Because she is solipsistic, and she is thinking of herself- "if I fuck him he will tell everyone! Everyone will know I'm a slut!"

  2. Shut the fuck up. Yes this is number 1 and 2. Because it doesn't just apply to when you're around the boys and you think no one is listening. It applies to EVERY situation. Always be discreet. When you are on a date, resist the urge to talk about your ex or the stupid/ mean things she did. Be someone who keeps his own counsel. Since TRP, one of the most frequent comments I get from women is "I can never tell what you're thinking/ feeling." Another one: "you're a very private person" ... this is good. You want her to feel that she can open herself up to you and show you her inner sex goblin without risk of it getting out and everyone thinking shes a slut. And like all things in dating, this is demonstrated through your actions. She knows you wont blab your mouth about her because you dont blab your mouth about other girls, and in fact you're a grown ass man who doesnt "blab his mouth" about anything.

  3. Always leave her hamster an escape route. The name of the game is plausible deniability. Never make a woman feel responsible for the interaction, and never make her feel like a slut. Even though you both know the night is leading to sex, always keep it innocent on the surface. You dont invite her back to your place to fuck- you invite her back to your place for a glass of wine, or to check out a record you got, or to feed your goldfish. And then things "just happen." Of course, it never really "just happens" for the guy, and it takes planning and escalation. But to HER, it should feel like things "just happened."

I recently went back to college, and despite being the oldest and fattest guy there, I soon slept with one of my classmates. I kept everything on the down-low (didnt even start sitting next to her in class) but eventually it got out anyways. A couple girls tried to get me to talk about it, but I said "that's my business" and walked away. I fucked one of those girls soon after, and she admitted to me that my unwillingness to spill the beans was a big turn on. I admitted to her that when she gagged on my dick it was a big turn on.

Having a reputation for being a player or jerk isnt bad. But having a reputation for being discreet is GOLDEN.

Good luck fellas

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