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Discussion Thread: The Red Pill and other "unacceptable ideas"... Voting.

May 9, 2013

I think something ZionController said deserves its own thread.

I realize a lot of my posts piss people off. No one was madder about me saying women shouldnt vote than my own woman when I told her I would support taking her voting privilege away. She says Im a jerk. Shes right. I ask her if she still loves me. She says unfortunately. I say then it doesnt really matter that Im a jerk then, does it?

Now, of course, this idea is going to piss off a lot of people. But the thing about taking the Red Pill is that it is defined by the act of looking at reality the way it is, and reacting to what is really there, not dismissing ideas just because they give us, or anybody else, bad feels.

Obviously, when you look at reality, you only get IS, not OUGHT. Ought you have to make up for yourself.

But that doesn't mean all "oughts" are equal. Some sets of principles lead to wealth, health, and happiness, others lead to disaster. And this is true both for people and societies. So what "ought" to happen is something we can argue about, starting from the idea that there is no universal right and wrong (that's a blue pill idea), there are sets of morals that help us personally, or civilization as a whole, thrive, and others that have crappy outcomes.

So, that being established, "should" women vote? What's your individual take on this? What arguments do you have to support your position?

Coming soon: other "unacceptable ideas" threads covering topics such as racism.

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