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Don't be a slave

February 16, 2015

Society and civilization, for all the good they provide, slap us squarely across the face and rape us up the ass with one singularly painful drawback: to be a man in society is to be a slave.

Society’s path for you - for all of us - is clear. To placate us with pornography, sports, alcohol, video games, creature comforts, the illusion of a path to success, the illusion of remuneration for our labors, while extracting maximum productivity from us until the day we die. We trade something priceless, that we will never recover – time – in exchange for something governments around the world have made up – money. We then spend that money on pornography, alcohol, overpriced food, creature comforts, a nice apartment or big suburban home, a fancy car, fancy clothes, cable television, cellular telephones, fake wooden furniture, fifty trips to Bed Bath & Beyond for clutter our wives think is cute, and then we need to get paid again. The endless cycle of sacrificing our very life essence for more of this worthless stuff continues.

The true beneficiaries of our labors? The women and children we support. Feeding yourself is cheap and easy. Feeding a family actually isn’t that hard either. But supporting a wife, one or more children, and all of the stupid shit they think they need? Shit you would never buy if society hadn’t convinced your mentally pliable family that everyone ought to have it? Painful. That diamond engagement ring you got your wife? Four months’ salary – 640 hours of sitting at a desk somewhere if you’re white-collar, or doing something backbreaking if you’re blue-collar. That suburban home? 40-80 hours a month to pay the bank, 95% of that payment being interest on a six-digit loan. You’ll be done paying that off in 30 years. That’s about 60,000 hours of work, give or take. Paying for your kid to be in little league? That’s a few extra hours a month at the office. A bigger chunk if you have to buy some equipment this month. That queen-sized bedroom set with matching dresser, nightstands, and an awesome memory foam mattress your wife loves? There goes an entire month at work, plus all the overtime you put in before Christmas, plus your Christmas bonus. Every trip to Pottery Barn, every time your wife logs into Amazon, 20 bucks here, 50 bucks there – don’t think of that as dollars. Think of that as your time, your sweat, your blood, your very life essence. Every time your wife logs into Amazon, she’s spending dozens of the limited hours of your life in about ten minutes buying birthday presents for her friends’ kids and baby shower gifts for her cousins. You’re working like a slave so that she can win social points within her circle of friends.

And when she’s out with them spending your money on ten-dollar cocktails, she’s badmouthing you.

Why does society care about you supporting your family? Because if you didn’t, society would have to foot the bill. And for many people, society does. Your government takes 20-40 percent of that worthless money you sacrifice your life to earn and spends it supporting people who aren’t you. Once a year, they make you do a bunch of paperwork, and if you figure out that you’ve actually given them too much money over the course of the year in the form of an interest-free loan, they give you a chunk of that money back, without interest. You feel like you’ve won the lottery! What a great government!

From the day we’re born, we’re raised by weak-willed, self-important, narcissistic, feminized parents – each generation worse than the last. We’re placed in schools that indoctrinate us into a culture of rules and socialized behaviors, that teach toward standardized tests and focus the entirety of their resources on bringing the dumbasses of the world up to just slightly below average. The slaves-in-training that rattle their chains are diagnosed with disorders that just a few short decades ago didn’t even exist, and are force-fed mind-altering drugs to curb their disruptive masculine impulses. Not that long ago, disliking school, homework, studying, and sitting still for 8 hours at a time was pretty common for an eight-year-old boy. Now it’s a psychological disorder. Being a boy is a psychological disorder.

By the time we hit puberty, we’ve been taught that sexual impulses are evil, and our only shot at a decent life is to do exactly what we’re told, buckle down, finish school, then spend massive amounts of money (or accrue incredible debt) going to more school, where in the pursuit of a degree, we take a few required courses to learn that nine tenths of us are apparently rapists and that for generations, we have oppressed and enslaved women. Thank God all of us are in that other ten percent. When all that’s said and done, it takes us forever to finally find gainful employment, despite all of our education, and we don’t earn that much more than we would have without it. But we’re happy to have any job so we can finally start buying all of the shit we’ve been told we need, to demonstrate what great providers we’ll make for a family one day.

Because that’s what we’re told our goal in life needs to be. We’ve done it all to prepare ourselves to one day meet a good woman, marry her, have kids, and support a family. If you’re not married and taking care of a family – good care, not just passable care (meaning lots of money, not just adequate money! Only losers have a savings account or save for retirement.) – then you’re not a real man. You’re just a child. What’s that? You don’t make the required minimum salary of $5,000 times your age? Don’t worry. Nowadays, you don’t have to save money until you can afford to buy cars and furniture and televisions. You can just get them now for 29.99 a month here, 59.99 a month there, 74.99 a month there, and pay them off in 5, 10, 20 years. Whatever. You can start saving for retirement a little later, and have that big-screen TV now, right? I mean, surely you won’t be working until the day you die to buy shit for your wife, right?

Meeting the right woman is pretty hard nowadays. Women are waiting a lot longer before getting married, even though they sure do seem to spend a lot of time at bars and clubs and house parties and girls’ nights looking for the right man. And they sure do seem to have a hard time figuring out who’s a good provider versus who’s just good-looking. A lesser man might think they’re just putting off marriage and fucking hot guys until they’re too old and the hot guys don’t want them any more. But that’s an evil line of thinking.

If you expect a woman to like you, spend time with you, maybe even have sex with you, simply because you’re a great guy who treats her well, that’s sexist. You are to approach a woman with your head bowed, and beg for the privilege of picking her up in your fancy car so that she can judge your wealth, then taking her out to eat and to participate in entertaining activities. Only if she finds you sufficiently interesting does she deign to spend further time with you, at your expense. You are to ask for nothing of her and to expect nothing of her. You’re essentially buying her time with no guarantee of sex, kind of like an escort. Deep down, you wonder if that muscular guy from the club she used to date before you had to do all this before he got any.

Eventually, most guys who really want to get married will find someone to support. And even though 50% of marriages don’t last, we all think we’ll be different since we’re serious about marriage. We’re going to take good care of our families. We’re not going to cheat. We’re going to work hard. We’re going to treat our wives and kids like queens and princesses and princes and give them the best life we can, even if it means sacrificing ourselves in the process.

And even though our wives piss all over us and minimize everything we do for them and badmouth us when we’re not around, we’re okay with that. That’s just playful banter. It’s funny. TV sitcoms tell us it’s funny. And if we ever stop raising the bar and stop doing more and more for them, we’re greeted with anger, seething hatred, blazing disrespect, and threats of divorce, so we promise to do better.

And then we’re surprised when we learn that a lower libido in marriage is not, in fact, normal, and that our wives’ libido is quite healthy. At least it is when she’s fucking some loser from her part time job. And that it doesn’t matter how much we gave or how much we loved or everything we sacrificed, or which party cheated on who. She gets the kids, the house, the majority of your assets, and if the court-ordered check you send her every month is a single penny short, you go to jail. So even after your wife leaves you and takes your children, you’re still supporting your family from afar.

But don’t worry. You just didn’t meet the right girl. That one didn’t work out. Don’t be bitter. Marry another one and support her, too. Love’s more important than money anyway, right?

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