"Don't Be Afraid to Dominate"

November 12, 2015

"Don't Be Afraid to Dominate"

I used to see this cute chick named Suzy.

We’d been seeing each other for the past few months. We’d met during the creation of the original version of “The Red Piller’s Guide to Online Dating”.

She was… the dominant type. She’d step on any man who’d give her the chance. But I respected her for that, even more so for her brutal honesty on the matter.

“If he’s dumb enough to buy some random girl he barely knows a Tiffany bracelet, I’d be dumb not to take it. Anybody’d do the same and spin it like they’ve earned it. Morality? I can’t pawn morality.”

Well, she wasn’t wrong.

She didn’t want a serious relationship, so our relationship was strictly sexual.

Over time, with careful frame control, dominance and a touch of influence, she became one of the most submissive woman I’ve ever met.

She would bring a meal every single time she’d stop by, wait quietly for sex and leave as soon as it was over.

You may say she sounds trained. I see it moreso as discipline.

She kicked at being dominated at first. Hard. And it was by no means a delicate process. But she ultimately adapted and grew to like our established roles.

Well anyways, I received an email recently with her resignation.

I’d like to share it with you all to show the positive qualities real dominance can have on a woman under the vein of mutual beneficence.

redactedname [[email protected]] 2:02 PM (1 hour ago)


I do believe in marriage and monogamy. I want the fairy tale ending and true love. Yes, I do understand that life happens and people get divorced like my parents.

But no matter how hard I try not to accept it, I still believe in it.

I know Im an asshole to most people that don't understand me. I love family and I am all about it. I am the baby of two older siblings so I don't like to share at all.

Also you made a comment that I’m obedient now.

That's because thanks to you my level of confidence has changed. I have been racking my mind trying to figure out why would you pick me?

But yu made me realize I do have worth and deserve to be loved. I thank you for introducing me into your world because it has pushed me passed my comfort zone. Also hanging out with you has been amazing and one of the most honest experiences that I have ever had.

-[redacted] xoxox

I’m sure she’s left for reasons other than marriage and monogamy, I’m not mourning the loss of her, nor am I valuing these words alone as anything more than chaff.

The real takeaway here is that through submission, she's benefited in kind.

She’s reached a level of discipline she never would have gained on her own, all taught while putting myself first.

Now my turn is over. She’ll live a better life from what I’ve instilled in her and I walk away with a better sense of what I’m capable of.

So don’t be afraid to dominate. To lead. To get rough, get dirty or push limits. So long as it’s done correctly, they’ll ultimately thank you for it.

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