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Don't blame women. Blame yourself.

May 14, 2015

A man could dedicate a lifetime to combing the world for stories of women treating men poorly. Cheating on them, getting bored and leaving them, taking them for granted, pissing on and minimizing everything they work so hard to do, even the occasional physical abuse. If you take even a small fraction of those stories and read them back to back, you start to find yourself thinking that women are really shitty. How could anybody do anything like any of that to somebody who cares about them? It’s the epitome of evil. Even if they aren’t into someone and want out of a relationship, do they really have to be like that? You start to get angry. You start to mistrust women. You start to expect that from every woman you meet, even the ones who don’t intend anything like that.

After all, very few women actually intend to be like that. They just sort of get swept up in life, react to what’s happening to them, and “it just happens.” Whether “it” is cheating, divorce-raping, or being a selfish mega-bitch. That’s one of our tenets, right? All Women Are Like That. That doesn’t necessarily mean that all women are intending exactly that for you, right this very minute. Just that all women, given the right circumstances to react to, are capable of that.

Women react to their circumstances. They don’t mean to be evil. They just go to bed and wake up every day for two years and suddenly find themselves being a bitch to a man who loves them and takes good care of them. They react to their circumstances. You are one of the circumstances in your woman’s life. In fact, you control many of the circumstances in her life. You might say that it’s your job to control those circumstances.

She doesn’t know it’s your job to control the circumstances of her life and would probably be offended if she knew you thought it was, but deep down inside, she expects you to. If she’s bored, if she’s too comfortable, if she starts to wonder if she sold herself short, if she starts to get curious about another guy, if she starts to piss on you and take you for granted, if she stops wanting to fuck you eagerly – that’s because you’ve paved the way for her to do that. You failed at your job. You did not control the circumstances of her life in a manner that fosters a successful relationship.

Men act. They don’t react. Reacting is the woman’s role.

When your woman tells you to do something or fix something or handle something that, honestly, you really should have already done, fixed, or handled on your own, you are now the woman. You should have proactively noticed something that needed doing and taken care of it, simply because you keep your life in order and run a tight ship. If she notices the problem first and tells you about it, you are now female. You are reacting to something she has proactively acted to solve. Because in woman-world, it’s not the person who actually fixes the problem who gets credit. It’s the person who notices it and complains about it first. She noticed the problem and she fixed it by utilizing one of her resources – you – to get the job done. In her mind, she was the man who acted to fix the problem. You were the woman who reacted to her leadership and direction. You were a little bitch.

When you don’t escalate toward sex, you are now a woman. She might be horny tonight, she might not be, she might not be but still ride your cock because she loves pleasing you. But she’s going to sit there and play with her cell phone. She’s not going to tell you anything. If you let her dick around on Facebook all night instead of dicking around with your dick, you were her little bitch. You spent all day doing shit and keeping her ship running, and instead of insisting on getting yours that night, you let that little queen sit and feel pampered. You relegated yourself to the role of servant rather than king.

When your woman decides to shit test you by being a stupid bitch or trying to pick a fight, the only response – the ONLY response – is to not play her game. Even if your response is the best, most witty comeback on the planet and you feel awesome because you’re so Red Pill manly man alpha and you blew through that shit test of hers, guess what? You’re a woman. She acted, you reacted. She did something, you responded. She led, you followed. A woman’s shit tests aren’t something you stop and respond to. They’re a child throwing spitballs at a train. The train doesn’t even slow up. It has somewhere to be and something far more important to do than stop and clean the shit off of its roof.

When you’re out somewhere with your woman, and you sit quietly and react to others, you lose. You’re a woman. Your job is to strut around and engage people. Be the actor, not the responder. Even if you suck at it and everyone thinks you’re a boisterous asshole, that’s far, far better than being a timid loser who looks like he doesn’t have any friends or anything interesting to say.

It’s your job to make women feel entertained. It’s your job to make women feel safe. It’s even your job to make women fuck you. You control the circumstances of her life. If she wakes up one morning, kind of bored, comfortable, and not really into sucking your dick, it’s not because she’s an AWALT bitch. It’s because you’re one of those AMALT men. Most men are reactionary losers. But you can do better.

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