Summary: Chasing them turns them off. Be happy being alone.

Body: My roommate seeing I was still in the crippling and severe grip of oneitia decided to introduce me to a young woman. She weren't bad. Maybe a HB6. Long story short, I would've fucked her. So we got a together for a little bit and me and HB6 chatted. During the conversation I got the vibe she weren't into me. BP me would've tried even harder to get her attention but I just weren't putting myself through that again, so I politely ended the conversation. I returned to jamming out to my music and completely forgot about her. 3-4 hours later my roommate is banging on my door. "Dude get down here she wants to speak to you, she wanted to give me her number". I took it and decided to call it a night. I startwork at 5:30am. My roommate at this point is telling me to call her now and go over to her place to try and talk to her. He begins goading me by calling me a pussy, not a real man etc. I cave (completely my fault for ignoring trp) and try to contact her and even to over to hers to try and talk (Jesus Christ I'm cringing here). I go over she says no and am now considered a weirdo.

Lessons Learned:

  • Don't chase, dot be scared to be alone
  • Listen to why trp teaches
  • Hold your fucking frame