Don't Get Alphaed by Red Pi Alphas

April 1, 2018

First off I think this post is painfully obvious. It’s actually a shame that I need to write this. But if I don't, you Blue Pill dorks are gonna be stuck in the Matrix forever. April 1 2018 is as good of a time to Red Pill you on the Red Pill as any. So here goes.

The Red Pill is a form on sexual strategy where Alphas like myself try to teach you Betas how to be less Beta. That probably sounds good to you in theory my dude. But did you ever take a step back and think maybe just maybe that Red Pill Alphas are Alphaing you?

I mean bro, why are you taking all of this information on good faith? You really think there isn't an agenda here? We're fucking Alphas. Of course there's an agenda.

Ever notice how the Red Pill tells everyone to lift? Why do you think we do that? I'll finally tell you because you losers haven't figured it out. Big burly muscles and tan skin is associated with the working class. Obesity is a sign of royalty. All these false flag fitness posts are a trick to give you the body of a peasant while we Alphas hold the physical form of big beautiful kings.

Next ever notice all the video game hate? Go workout. Stop playing video games. Why do you think we tell you that? Because the future is digital. We want you to be as weak as possible in the digital world because that's the next frontier. Here you are wasting your life talking to girls, lifting weights and just generally being a retard while we Red Pill Alphas are decked out in epic gear, ranked legendary in Hearthstone, Diamond in StarCraft and win Fortnight on the regular.

Next let's talk about women. If you've read the Sidebar you would know that a woman is incapable of love as a man would want it. Ok. So why are you looking for love with women if their incapable of love? Ever heard of Sex Robots? Look it up loser cuz that's the future right there. Also ever notice how there are no guides on seducing dudes? Got you again loser. Men are capable of love unlike women. Yet here you are wasting your time with bitchy materialistic whores while we have all the dudes for ourselves. We have a saying amongst the Endorsed Contributor team: It's time to get excited cuz no girls are invited.

Next let's talk about masterbation. Yea we definitely got you with that NoFap propaganda. Ok think about it logically. What happens when a star no longer gives off energy? It collapses in on itself and becomes a black hole. So by tricking you into holding in all of your energy we know your gonna collapse in on yourself and become a Beta Black Hole Bitch. The more powerful a star the more energy it gives off. That's why powerful men follow the path of the stars and masterbate constantly.

Alright I think that I've revealed too much of the Red Pill Left Hand Path. Not that it matters anyway cuz you're to indoctrinated to invest time into perfect your Cyber Strength, achieve a full figure, follow the Path of the Stars or learn how to give an amazing blowjob. A real Alpha would know when he's being alphaed by Red Pill Alphas. You're not and you don't.

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