Don't Get Cucked By Cuckservatives

December 20, 2018

Reposting this not because I want to but because I have to

Anyone who's spent any time here knows how much we enjoy to blaming Progressives, Feminists, SJWs, etc, for all that is wrong with the world. Definitely an enjoyable pastime. However today we're taking the Hate Train in the opposite direction and discussing the people who didled themselves awkwardly while the West took veiny multicultural dick to the face, vagina and anus. That's right, today we're talking bout conservatives, why they always lose and how not to be them.

Now at this point you and the 20-30k people who usually read my diatribes are wondering: GaylubeOil why you shiting on Conservatives? I mean they basically agree with you most of the time? So what gives? AltRight I'll tell you bro. If conservatives weren't such losers you would be in Georgia right now sipping a mint julep watching your crop get harvested. I would be in Russia whipping my Serfs. Both of us would have abundant German soap.

At this point a bunch of Stoic logical Alfalfas are flipping their shit because I made some bad bad inappropriate jokes. Those same people swear that liberals and political correctness are the devil. But here they are, mad at me for breaking a speech code that liberals spent decades putting into practice. Think about that for a second. They hate liberals but live their lives by liberal rules. Fucking retarded right? Yea super retarded. That's conservatives.

So why are conservatives such losers? Why did conservatives lose on basically every social issue for the past 100 years? Because conservatives are dimwitted and unimaginative. Their most profound ideas are tax cuts and wars. Liberals have the creativity to say: 7 year old Transgenders? Sounds good let's make that happen. Conservatives on the other hand can't even trick a white bitch into having a few more babies. But what about abortion?

Ok let's talking about that. Decreasing the need for immigration is predicated on making women want to have more babies. It's not about forcing them into having babies. When you force people to do something they usually want to do the opposite. Liberals know this and call it the Hegelian Dialectic. Conservatives don't. Which is why some of them frolic in white robes and burn crosses. The only thing that the KKK has ever accomplished is the promotion of diversity. Maybe if Billy Bob Banjo possessed introspection and foresight he'd realize that his method isn't working and never worked. Perhaps then he could redirect his efforts towards funding segregation propaganda like the Black Panther film.

Unlike liberals, conservatives don't have a vision for the future. Their game plan is to preserve the status quo whatever it may be, then lose and then declare the loss a victory. The same people who protested gay marriage are currently Cowgirling Milo's dick. Conservatives stop trying after they lose. Liberals don't. In other words conservatives are always within the liberal frame. They dance to liberal music and play by liberal rules, just not as well.

So what does any of this have to do with Red Pill? A lot actually. The mental illness known as conservatism isn't just a national phenomena. It manifests itself at all levels: individual, family, and organizational. So for example a conservative individual might be an unimaginative dresser. He’ll prohibit his wife from dancing and his teenagers from watching porn instead of creating a compelling counternarative. His company will stupidly and slowly copy it's competition. The Red Pill is a rejection of the system not it's celebration. That's why the Red Pill is Anti Conservative.

Think of the progressive agenda as a masterbating homeless man on the subway. The liberals are the people applauding. The conservatives are the ones yelling angrily. Those pretending not to notice, offer tacit consent. All groups make the hobo's masterbation more enjoyable. The radical solution aka the Red Pill solution, is to spray the subway car with a fire extinguisher and steal the hobo’s attention.

A Red Pill solution is any solution that wrestles control of the narrative. That means shit testing your girlfriend’s shit test. It means scaring your masterbating 14 year old son into NoFap by showing him the weirdos and creeps at the porn store. It means selling Feminists femininity disguised as radical feminism, rather than stupidly arguing. Most importantly, it means possessing courage and innovation, something that conservatives inherently lack.

As the Red Pill train gains steam, more and more conservatives are gonna try to climb aboard. Kick them off. They're losers, they don't have a plan and historically speaking they always lose. If conservativism worked the Red Pill wouldn't be necessary and you wouldn't need GaylubeOil or his hobo masterbation metaphors. Don't get cucked by conservatives.

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