Don't Get Fucked By Black Jesus

May 31, 2018

I don't know if you've heard of Black Jesus or seen a Black Jesus. But for all of you who haven't: Black Jesus is normal Jew Jesus depicted as an African. Basically Blacks couldn't relate to Jew Jesus so they made themselves a Black Jesus. Makes sense I guess. Maybe us Whites should make ourselves a White Martin Luther King to make him more relatable?

But here's the problem with Black Jesus. If Jesus is Black then is Mary Black? What about the apostles? Even Judas? Are all the Jews Black in Black Jesus world? How about the Romans? When do the Jews of Black Jesus world switch from being Black Jews to normal jewy Jews. I have a lot of questions about the whole arrangement, questions that have never been answered before in Black Church.

Why? Because it's impossible to ask philosophical questions when everybody be singing and dancing. Lordy Lordy! But isn't examining the relationships of people in the Bible and learning valuable lessons the whole point of Christianity? So really the problem with the Blackification of Jesus is that it destroys the essence of Christianity just as the Caucasianification of Martin Luther King destroys the Civil Rights narrative.

Black Jesus provides a Simulacra of authentic African spirituality, while protecting Blacks from having to undergo the Real of African Spirituality: sacrificing animals, sex magic and dangerous trials. In today's busy world who has time for that? The whole endeavor is shielded from scrutiny because everyone is too busy singing and dancing.

Now Black Jesus isn't the only proverbial Black Jesus. Planet Fitness provides a fitness product without the obligation of serious physical exertion. Modern Universities provide a diploma without teaching anything of substance. American Women offer a symbolic marriage but refuse the material obligations of being a wife. No Fap allegedly helps chronic masterbators but is actually a place where masterbators masterbate about masterbation.

Black Jesus can also take the form of an individual process. It's inevitable that a fedora gaytheist interprets this article as an endorsement of religion. It's obviously not. But the fact that a bottom feeder prole is going to shit himself, miss the point and virtue signal for atheist points, means Black Jesus is alive and well. Perhaps someone will politically correct virtue signal Das Rayciss. I look forward to it. Commenters proving my thesis elevates my posts into a postmodern collaborative performance.

Whenever the essential is abandoned for the symbolic that's a Black Jesus aka a Simulacrum aka a Blue Pill. This expansive definition of the Blue Pill is difficult and unpleasant for our newcomers. That's okay. My job here is to force difficult and unpleasant realizations onto boys who think they figured it out.

The Red Pill is more than antifeminism. The Red Pill is much bigger than that, it's a rejection of the Symbolic in favor of the Real. The Blue Pill is the inverse. Thus didling your phone in the gym instead of lifting is Blue Pill. Shooting validation texts at women instead of shooting semen is Blue Pill. SJWs are Blue Pill as their existence in material reality is an imitation of a symbolic tumblr avatar. Likewise churning out masculinity guides while being unmasculine is Blue Pill. The most paradoxical aspect of the Red Pill is that the majority of people here never took the Red Pill and never will. They're here to act out masculinity symbolically so they don't have to live it in the Real.

As the world falls deeper and deeper into the Postmodern Era more and more people will willfully spread their assholes for Symbolic Black Jesus. Reality is hard and pretending is easy. We’re descending into the aeon of the eternal child. Narcissism, self esteem and feels are much more important than Reals.

The thing to remember is this. Sell feels. Get Realz. Give women emotion take pussy. Make your beta boss feel important take his money. The more people become children the more valuable being a rational male will be. Everyone is getting fucked in the ass by Symbolic Black Jesus. Don't be like everyone.

I have a fitness service where I tell you what exercises to do and books to read. Shoot me a PM if your interested.

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