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"Don't judge me"

September 10, 2014

"Who are you to judge me?"

Think about the type of person who says this. Do you think this woman is likely to create a blog chastising people (let's be honest -- men) for judging her? Or is it more likely that it's this woman? (slightly NSFW...possibly NSFL)

The reason any woman demands that you not judge her is because she has something that she knows bears judgement. She wants to use words to procure the results that actions have obtained for others. In this scenario, the rock-hard tight body of the bikini model.

Further, this extends beyond appearances. Women who engage in shitty behaviour like being promiscuous, crude, bitchy, slovenly, unfeminine, etc. demand that you not judge them, because they want to be shitty people without the repercussions. They're looking for shortcuts.

Well tough shit. We judge for a good reason. Human beings, chiefly men, developed the ability to recognize patterns and make accurate predictions. This is how we created civilizations and advanced society. Past behaviour is the best indicator of future behaviour. We judge because it lets us ascertain quality. If you find out that the neighbourhood you're thinking of moving into has had multiple break-ins in the past months, you'd be wise to judge that neighbourhood as risky and low-potential.

This doesn't change with women. If a shitty neighbourhood could demand that you not judge it, it most certainly would, but that wouldn't make you want to move in.

You know what's the best response to someone who says "Don't judge me"?

"I already have"

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