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Don't just make her do what you want. Make her want to.

December 2, 2014

I made a comment last night in the married Red Pill sub that I really think ought to be elaborated on here, because it’s something that doesn’t always get discussed head on, and sometimes gets lost among other points.

When we talk about interactions with women and all of the things we employ – raising our value (physically, financially, socially), implementing “game,” implementing “dread game,” and so forth – the typical end result is to get a woman to do what we want. Usually sex or some other behavior that demonstrates submission to our leadership. That’s a win, right? That’s validating. When a woman does what we want due to who we are, what we’re like, and how we behaved, we won, right? Honestly, I think that’s a little incorrect. Not entirely wrong, mind you. Just kind of like viewing things when the camera lens is out of focus.

The goal is not for women do what we want. The goal is for women to want what we want.

It’s a subtle difference, but a very important one.

If you pay a prostitute for sex, then you got a woman to do what you wanted, didn’t you? Not really, because it wasn’t sex that you wanted. It wasn’t even free sex that you wanted. It was desire. You didn’t want sex, itself. At least not only sex. You wanted a woman to want to have sex with you. Because that’s good sex. That’s validating.

The same is true if we swap out legal tender for different kinds of currency. If your girlfriend sucks and you attempt to try out some dread game and, whoops, you don’t have a mind for subtleties or critical reading and accidentally blackmail the living fuck out of her, she might be desperately afraid you’re going to dump her and kick her out of your apartment and on to the street. She might even fuck you out of fear to avoid that fate. Now you have a woman trying to manipulate you with sex, just like you manipulated her into sex. Neither one of you is happy or satisfied. The sex probably sucks, too.

Likewise, if a woman is nagging the hell out of you and being a generally disrespectful bitch, and you attempt to withdraw emotionally, and whoops, you accidentally become a raging, threatening, pissy asshole, your woman might think, “Shit, I just wanted him to leave the toilet seat down. Why is he acting like this? I don’t want to deal with this any more, so I’ll just shut up.” She might even fuck you just to calm you down. Once again, you have a woman trying to manipulate you with sex, just like you manipulated her into sex. You’re both unhappy and unsatisfied. And the sex sucks.

We don’t just want our women to do what we want. We want them to want what we want. And that’s a lot harder.

A woman will submit to you when you’re a man worth submitting to. She will ride you all night long and let you plow her like a caveman if you’re a man worth fucking. She will let you father her children, lead her family, plan all of your dates, handle all of your affairs, and trust in your judgment, but only if you’re a man worthy of her trust. If you’re a man who actually has worthwhile judgment. She’s not going to hand the reins of her life to just anybody, and especially not the reins of her children’s lives. You have to be worth a shit. But if you’re worth a shit, you might have a dozen women lining up to turn their lives over to you, and all you have to do is say yes.

When we proudly declare “AWALT” (All [or at least mostly all] Women Are Like That), this is usually something we say in anger, when we’re talking about a woman’s propensity for selfishness, evil, and general disrespectful cunt bitch behavior. But AWALT works the other way, too. If you’re a man worth fucking, a man worth following, and a man worth giving your life to, women won’t just do what you want – they’ll want to do what you want. Your happiness will matter to them, and they’ll want to please you.  [Mostly] All Women Are Like That, too.

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