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Don't let people AMOG you... even if they claim to be dispensing red pills.

February 1, 2015

So, once again, someone posted a link to, among other stuff, that tired old screed about how "everything is sales".

Then some other people started throwing around income numbers that were somewhat on the high side (a favorite trick for old men who wish to intimidate younger ones).

And there was a lot of very low quality discussion that followed. Guys who were butthurt about getting AMOGed. Guys who wanted to wave their dicks around about how much they make in sales, or about how they were a physician, and how physicians were just cooler and smarter than anyone. And a whole lot of sound and fury ensued, to no particular purpose.

Nothing of value was learned.

Having arguments, explicitly or otherwise, about who is "most alpha" is not only a waste of time, it's backsliding.

Why? Because people do it to make themselves feel better. They are selecting their actions, not for some purpose in the external world, but in order to adjust their own emotional state. They are trying to AMOG someone.

But what do we know about how to pass a shit test? You don't pass one by talking about how awesome you are. Everyone here knows that's a massive fail. It shows you can be rattled. That you have to prop up your self-image when someone attacks it.

Well, AMOGing someone on the internet is even worse, because it's doing that even when you haven't been shit-tested. Oh, it may feel good for a while, but it impedes your progress in reaching that state of Not Giving a Fuck.

Situational dominance is just that, situational. It's not a worthwhile end goal, because all situations change. If you start thinking you're "sooo fucking alpha, bro" because you make a lot of money, then what are you going to do about the fact that Miley Cyrus makes more than every TRP subscriber put together? Are you going to just try not to think about that? If you start tying your self-assessment to how ripped you are, and how much you can lift, what happens when you get sick?

The moment you start striving to "be alpha", you are no longer a man with a mission. You are a man trying to manage his public image.

Don't that, and don't let men who do that suck you into their madness. Even if they dress it up as red pill advice. Letting yourself be patronized erodes the confidence you need to pursue your goals, and worse yet, you're submitting to someone else's frame, which is precisely the habit you're trying to get out of.

Do not let someone else choose your goals for you.

If you start hearing advice that sounds like it's calibrated to make the giver sound fuckawesome, get suspicious. Is it really designed to help you? Or is it just an AMOG play?

If it is, treat as a shit test. Learn to laugh it off. Agree and amplify, if some other clever response doesn't occur to you. Above all, don't start asking yourself how "alpha" you are, or worse yet, answering that question according to someone else's measuring stick.

Instead, get your head unfucked, and work on being adaptable and unshakeable. You will never be the strongest man in the world, or the richest, or screw the most lingerie models, or whatever the fuck. There's six billion people in the world. Get over it.

The only thing you can do is get good at playing the cards you are dealt. Because your cards might be different tomorrow. Situational dominance means nothing. Because you can never have enough of it to avoid the need for good mental game.

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