Don't Make Out at the Bar.

August 8, 2019

We've all seen it/been there.

That couple in the corner oblivious, tongues down each other's throats, ass grabbing, grinding, hair entangling, sloppy.

Don't be that guy.

Seems counterintuitive, even antithetical to redpill, right? Isn't the goal of escalation/kino/kiss to get to the fuck?

Yes, yes it is.

Stopping mid escalation and getting oral with her in a place you logistically can't fuck (Other than a nasty bar bathroom desperate Jongian zipless fuck), you're actually decreasing your chance of getting into her pants. You're stopping short of the finish line.

First, it reeks of teenage desperation and frameless lack of control. Who do you see sucking face in bars? College kids and drunks. That tells you something.

Second, a girl who will taste your uvula on the dance floor has undoubtedly done this to 27 other guys this year. Sure you want to be sticking your lips on that? There's also a distinct lack of challenge associated with the behavior. You can bet all 28 of you did not have such killer game that she involuntarily swooned into all your 56 pimp daddy arms despite her good girl ways. I'm not knocking sluts here, I love sluts. Just know what pool of saliva you're sampling.

(48% of the adult US population has Herpes Simplex type1 (cold sores). Prevalence is higher in women. Willing to bet it's even higher in the population of women who make out with randoms in bars.

Third, escalating to a kiss is fantastic when you're out. Stop there. Always leave them wanting more. Shows frame, shows lack of desperation, shows control and mastery. Using push/pull to add drama and emotion to the interaction. Now is the time to change venues and utilize that logistic plan in your head to get her somewhere truly isolated so you can get naked and fuck her properly. You do have a plan, yes? For every date, the onus is on you to have a plan to eject and a plan to complete the mission. Otherwise why are you even on the field?

Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet. - Mattis

That leads into my fourth, final, and most important point. We all know girls need validation. They collect orbiters like stars collect comets. What's more validating than having some guy lose his cool to the point where he makes out with you in public? That's all a lot of girls out for a fun night need. They're not going to go home and fuck some random she just met that is desperate enough to have a tongue fight in the corner. Making out isn't cheating on her boyfriend. (Besides, she was drunk.) Hamster. You get blue balls, she gets validated. Seems like a lopsided trade.

It's like those "players" that think getting the digits is a win. They'll happily walk away from a girl at a bar if she gives up the number. Why? What happened to isolating and escalating? (I get that it's very situational... chances are you're not going to pull Jenn away from her friend's girl's night out birthday party. In that case acknowledge the situation and get the number, then bow out.) But keep your eyes on the prize. You're not out to collect phone numbers, are you?

Realize that giving the number gives a girl an out, a sneaky way to get you away from her. Like lizards that can detatch their tails when confronted with a predator, she can escape while you're preoccupied with those still twitching pixels on your screen. It's much easier to blow you off via text than when you're standing right in front of her. A number is not a win.

Getting a make out session is a similar tactic. Somewhat satiated, you feel like it's a win because you got a handful of ass and some intense eye contact, and she got the validation she wanted, proving she's desirable and sexy, all without any cock in pussy action.

You stepped on your own dick by short circuiting the process. The make out is not the top step.

Next time you're getting hot and heavy with a girl, don't go for the public make out session. Kiss her, sure, but take the next step.

"Lets get the fuck out of here."

As always, lead the interaction. You're the man, you set the frame. Overt PDA is a rookie move.

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