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Don’t Pre-Reject Yourself. Instead, Flip the Script.

April 25, 2021

"Every battle is won before it is fought." - Ancient Saying from Wuhan.


Don't go into an interaction with a girl thinking any of the following things:

- Am I good enough?

- She's out of my league/will she like me?

- I don't have a chance with her.

- I hope she likes me.

By second guessing/doubting yourself, you have already lost the battle of this interaction before it has even begun.

Don’t enter an interaction having pre-rejected yourself.

So what do?


Since this is TRP, we must totally subvert and flip this dynamic entirely.

From the approach and beyond, think sexual imagery of her. Any of these/a combination of these will do:

- Think about you fucking her taking each of your deep thrusts.

- Think about spanking her soft supple ass.

- Think about her being on her knees begging for your cock.

- Think about telling her "can't wait to fuck you later or have you over my knee or x sexual activity".

You see the difference? Before you went from being unsure whether you will be able to succeed to assuming you will and then some.

I know what some of you are thinking : "Wtf Apollo, this is some misogynist shit. This just sounds like some weird sexist black magic voodoo shit, how will this mental trick change any of my interactions?"

Well, firstly, thank you. That's kinda my thing. And secondly I believe the mind creates and projects its own reality. Thinking of such imagery gets subtly communicated through your body language. It subconsciously makes you talk deeper, slower, whilst putting you at ease. Often times, it leaves you sporting a subversive James Bond like grin throughout the whole interaction like so like you know something that she doesn't. Or at least, it will feel like you are holding back such a grin.

Sounds much easier than always consciously trying to keep your body language, your tonality, vocal speed all in check right?

When you do this, you will exude a sexual vibe /man to woman vibe and this is what she will subconsciously, or consciously, pick up on. She will instinctively know this isn't a friend to friend conversation. Girls want your sexual intent conveyed covertly rather than overtly. Think sexual vibe rather than sexual words. Letting her feel your sexual intent like this is better than telling her your sexual intent.

But Apollo! It’s offensive and unhealthy to think this about women. It’s not the picturing them like this that’s working for you, it’s the confidence, and you could have gotten that confidence in a lot of other ways besides thinking of something so crude and vulgar!"

Don’t care. It works for me.

But Apollo! What you’re doing demeans women and is hateful. Why don’t you just speak the way you used to speak? Eventually, if you keep at it for a long time and put up with a long string of failure and rejection, you’ll find a girl who likes you being awkward and insecure of himself.”

Nah, I don't think so. I’d rather be sexually successful now. Thanks.

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