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Don't show interest before a woman does

December 21, 2016

Summary: Showing interest before a woman does is completely repulsive to them and betrays the man as a social retard. Then won't tell you that, though.

Body: I recently realized the thought in the thread title with such intense clarity, I immediately understood where I was going wrong and why women would apparently lose interest in me all of a sudden, even though we would hit it off on a good note.

The thing is, women have such acute and finely tuned mechanisms for recognition of interest and social cues and these mechanisms are usually running full steam the entire day, dealing with people and situations. Ever notice how many girls walk around, their faces glued to the smartphone screen, scrolling through the social network feed? She's sharpening her social senses, and she's been doing it 24/7 ever since she was 3, the only difference is that now they have this portable technology to help them out.

Now, an average guy won't be able to compete in this sense with a woman, simply because we're not urged to do it, we're not told it's skill and that it's vital. In fact, men are implied inferior if they show interest in learning this supposedly feminine skill. And just consider male role models in popular media in the past 50 years - they are as autistic as they come (Stalone, Schwartzenegger).

As I reflected on my own behavior in the past years, I examined the ways women interact with one another, how they behave, think and speak. When women interact with one another, it's a dance, a 4D chess and an exchange, all at once. When I compared this to my own behavior, i realized how fucking autistic and inept I am at reading social cues compared to even the ugliest landwhale. So, what exactly did I do wrong?

As I mentioned previously, a woman is constantly running these social attunement routines, and when I tried to approach a new girl, I actually made myself noticeable by interrupting her cognitive processes with overwhelming and domineering enthusiasm. This is actually something pick-up artists attempt to do with negging, but I don't think either my enthusiasm or negging achieves social recognition.

I never achieved anything in this way and all women I attempted this with actually tolerated me for an astounding amount of time before pretty much telling me to fuck off forever. So, now what?

We are men and can achieve anything we set our minds to. We have the passion, the willpower and the dedication that allows us to outstrip the effort of at least a 100 women combined. In this case, I decided to learn how to recognize interest and social cues, how to respond to it and how to simply allow the conversation and the exchange to flow on its own. This is a skill, one that I am late to learn, but once I do, I will become the social magician.

Lesson: Unpleasant experiences and lack of success with women gave rise to plenty of introspection that lead me to the conclusion that I am a creepy motherfucker that women eschew and now I decided to change it for the better.

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