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"Dread" is just another word for honesty, a sadly outdated concept

October 10, 2014

Time and time again, our little group of dark, evil, woman-hating virgins is accused of being vile, immature manipulators. Technically, any time a human being says or does anything, he’s trying to manipulate others, however slightly. Just by typing this bullshit now, I’m trying to “manipulate” readers into thinking about something I’ve been thinking about. Every time we hold in a fart, we’re not being ourselves. We’re manipulating others into thinking we’re less smelly than we really are. What if a woman agrees to have sex with you, but had she known you were a farter, she would never have consented? Isn’t holding in your fart kind of like rape? Didn’t you manipulate her, unfairly, into sex?

One very popular example of our evil, manipulative ways is dread game. It kind of sounds evil, actually. I wonder why we named it that instead of something more sex-positive, like “treating-women-like-equals game.”

I have a decent number of male friends. We buy each other beer, we help each other move heavy shit, we work out together, we network and refer clients and swap job leads when we come across people who might need the services of another of our friends. We generally trust each other. We trust each other in small ways: when I pay for the beers today, I trust that there will be another beer-drinking occasion in the future where somebody will buy mine. We trust in larger ways: every time I refer one of my clients to a friend of mine, I’m putting my own reputation on the line.

When one of my guy friends does something shitty, or takes advantage of me in an unreasonable way, I stop calling him or hanging out with him. I don’t like being around shitty people. Sometimes, after it’s been a few weeks, a friend of mine might try to make things up to me. We all do stupid shit, myself included, and most of the time, we try to make things right with our friends instead of just moving on to a new group of friends to leech from and be shitty toward. Because the latter would be a shitty way to live.

I also have a wife. And a few female friends who probably wouldn’t cry too heavily if my wife divorced me. You might call me a true feminist, actually. Because as a Red Pill advocate, I believe in something no self-proclaimed feminist believes in. I believe in treating the women in my life like equals. Let me explain.

When a woman in my life does something shitty or stupid or takes advantage of me – any woman, even my wife – I don’t want to be around her. I distance myself. I communicate less. I go do something else with other people I actually feel like being around. I’m a man. I don’t fucking talk about my feelings and get into a four hour discussion about how some minor slight made me feel hurt or less valid. I just go do something else, because I have plenty of shit to do and wasting time talking with shitty people keeps me from getting my shit done.

We have a name for this here at The Red Pill. We call it dread game. When a woman behaves badly, you don’t confront her behavior. You don’t address it. You don’t give it attention. You don’t validate it. Because doing any of that rewards bad behavior. Instead, you give the woman a dose of truth. By distancing yourself emotionally, you send her a clear message: You have other shit going on in your life. You can be happy without her. If she continues to act shitty, you will be happy without her.

We are lambasted for this, far and wide across the Internet. Why? Because ignoring your wife, girlfriend, or plate when she’s being a disrespectful bitch is “abusive.” That’s why. The implied threat that you would dare think about dumping a girl who’s being shitty, or worse, spending time with other people, some of who might even be girls, when she’s being unpleasant to be around? Unthinkable evil! You can’t do that to a woman. It’s abusive. It’s coercive. It’s manipulative. It’s evil!

We make such a big deal about dread game around here, when honestly, it’s not even a thing. There’s nothing dreadful about it. And it’s not a game. “Dread game” is just a really, really stupid term we made up for being honest with other human beings. (As contrasted to being a backward-bending, ass-kissing, doormat.)

How many girlfriends have told you, outright, that if you do X or fail to do X, she will dump you? Probably a few. But how many girlfriends never had to tell you that, because as a species, humans just know, if you do stupid and shitty things to others, they will dump you, cheat on you, and treat you badly? Those equal women are just as smart as we are. If we know better than to act stupid and shitty, then surely those intelligent women know the same.

“Dread game” is just a funny word for truth. If a woman is a selfish, disrespectful, stupid bitch who’s no fun to be around, you’re going to dump her ass or cheat on her. Or at least, that used to be the case. Now, something as benign as walking away from a disrespectful woman to go hang out with people who are actually decent to you is a form of abuse and manipulation. And if your woman gets the message and realizes that, holy shit, she’s dealing with an actual man who’s actually going to leave her ass, and she shapes up and fucks your brains out that night, you’re a rapist.

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