I've translated this for you guys, it's not a perfect translation, but I think the philosophy is clear, and can offer some fresh, old ideas on women. If you like these, I will translate more.

  1. Women start being gracious only when they are deeply unfortunate, in happiness they are merciless and empty-headed, totally reverse from man, who is only good when he is happy.

  2. Women are born to cheat on a small scale as well as large, both cognizant and unconscious, on purpose or without purpose, often without evil intention, at times even from best intention, always to be liked. But a woman is worth only as much as she can love, and she cheats even while she loves the most. There are women who never tell a lie, but they never tell the whole truth... Finding a good woman is as difficult as finding a petroleum well in your own yard.

  3. A woman loves a man while he trusts her. When she doesn't love him, she still demands trust. She doesn't like to defend herself even when guilty, and wants to have an illusion that you think good of her, even when she is being bad. In her mind, if you think she isn't good, that equates to her not being beautiful. A woman isn't content with being beautiful, she wants to be the only one who is beautiful. When a woman has to defend herself, she doesn't defend herself, she stops loving and starts hating. Therefore, do not explain yourself, either take it or leave it. She will be deeply offended by an accusation if she isn't guilty, and she's even more offended when she is guilty. A woman, like a child has no sense of responsibility, she also defends herself with tears, not understanding. Even if she begs for forgiveness, she does it to avoid scenes.

  4. A marriage is most often consisting of one liar and one bully. When they lie, women lie completely; when hiding an insignificant fact, they hide everything in connection to it, quickly, decisively and absolutely. She never went there, didn't see anyone, didn't hear anything, doesn't know the person who speaks of her, nothing happened...

  5. If you want a woman to love you, you have to give her the opportunity to lie to you a hundred times, and it should always seem as if you do not see that.

  6. A woman is one being for herself and the entire world, and a completely different being for the man she loves.

  7. Never ask a woman about her past. None like to have a past, they do not value it, and if they hide it, they do so not to save themselves, but not to lose you. If a woman keeps quiet of her past, it is because she truly is indifferent to it, for woman is no romantic. A woman can't stand memento. She ruthlessly hides everything because she doesn't want to have eyes on anything not related to the man she currently loves. A woman lives from day to day.

  8. A woman loves more a good quibble than the most profound truth. She values a witty man over a deep thinker, and a sparkly man over a witty one.

  9. A Serbian woman gives herself to the man who fools her.

  10. For a woman to love you as a woman should, you have to treat her as a man should.

  11. A man in love immediately thinks how to share his happiness, a woman thinks only how to multiply it. To a woman it is not enough to get the most of a man's happiness, she wants to take away from a man's freedom. For she can stand her own misery, but not a man who is free, as a man's freedom is the source of all injustices and miseries a woman can feel.

edit: a link about the author https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jovan_Du%C4%8Di%C4%87

edit2: A quick explanation - this book is very common in Serbia, it's cheap and re-printed all the time. Most guys have read it, a lot of women also read Dučić. RedPill behaviour and type of thinking is really common here, but our problems of communication between the sexes is quite similar to the problems you guys have in the west. You blame a lot of it on feminism, but women act like women regardless of what laws are passed and what men think.

edit3: more quotes -

  1. A modern woman, that is the woman ready to lose any virtue, even the one virtue that puts her above man, only to gain the right to imitate even that which made man lower than woman. A modern woman is not your wife or mother, or friend or colleague. She is down on the street, abandoned her house and children.

  2. Our hatreds damage us more than our adversary. Speak ill of a man for half an hour, and you will become unhappy and poisonous, speak well even if he doesn't deserve it, and you will feel at peace and even proud of the beauty of your feelings or at least the beauty of the words you spoke.

  3. There is no woman who desires to seduce you with her spirit, even less with her soul, and with goodness the least.

  4. A woman will forgive the worst vice of a man, but won't forgive the best virtues of a woman.

  5. The world will only accept an old man if he's rich or witty.

  6. A woman always has to have someone to torture, either husband or lover.

  7. A woman loves you the most when there is something you did she needs to forgive. Not when she does something you need to forgive.

  8. You must take a woman as she is, do not try to build her better than God has made her. If you truly can take her as she is, she can give you immeasurable joy.

  9. A woman can be swept away by a rich man, an artist, a soldier or athlete, by a handsome man, or wise man, but she often will give herself for the rest of her life to a type of man she never desired.

  10. There is a natural animosity between a great man and womankind. This is why great men avoided superior women, as they would only experience misery in their company.

  11. Women do not admit to the past, they mourn for past even less. They grab from each moment anything they can reach.

  12. A woman loves not the love she sees, but the love she guesses to exist.

  13. In solitude there is no hatred. Being alone means purifying oneself. Everything in solitude becomes exhalted, the highest, the deepest. If a man is philosopher, he gives himself to solitude to learn the price of life, higher meanings to the world, to approach divinity. Only a petty man is made sick by solitude. It poisons his mind with doubts and fills him with fear. There are people who cannot be alone in the forest, who in fear become lost in an open field. For solitude you need more wit and strength than for the world's highest society.

  14. A woman is interested in a great man only at first. It speaks to her vanity among other women, as women love anything that sparkles.

  15. Men are brave before death, women are brave in front of life. Men in front of other men, and women are brave before all of destiny.

  16. Many times a woman does not like the man whose beauty she most admires, for a woman instinctively feels that beauty is a female weapon, and she doesn't like seeing that weapon in the arms of husband or lover.

edit 4: more quotes

  1. A woman believes that without her own vice, she wouldn't experience even a moment of pleasure, and that too much virtue would make her a poorer person, just as the alcoholic believes he'd die without his drink, or as a gambler would die without his dice.

  2. Rarely is there a woman holding the hand of a man who is truly to her taste.

  3. Nobody thinks worse of women, than a man who is already mindlessly in love with one.

  4. Women shall speak of love with Alkibiades, of philosophy with Licidus, but with old and ugly Socrates they will not speak either about love or philosophy.

  5. Every woman is beautiful except the woman who thinks she isn't, and the woman who thinks she is.

  6. In marriage a woman asks for everything she likes and will take anything she can grab.

  7. A man rules women only when he rules himself; and we rule ourselves more when we think than when we feel.

  8. A woman defends herself from vice with more heart and honesty than a man, because she knows she isn't controlled by just one face, but also the whole society and family and everything else people built against female nature.

  9. Woman is doubtlessly the greatest illusion of man. There is no joy as high as love. Anything else can be glory, or success or satisfaction, but the woman is the only drunkedness of the heart. A woman's dark sides exist only to emphasize the tiny bit that radiates the brightest and most divine.

  10. A woman falls to many things: love, boredom, physical passion, vanity, lack of willpower, out of interest, out of romance, or mania, or perversion or revenge.

  11. Women truly are more faithful than we believe, and they are more faithful when it's not asked, but required.

  12. A woman seems as our greatest luck, or darkest misery; depending on the mirror we look at.

  13. The selfish are very cowardly, not only with money, but also with friendship and kindness. They are petty and envious; as difficult it is for them to offer a coin, it's even more difficult for them to offer even a word of kindness. A selfish man is the incarnation of many vices, of which selfishness is the most visible manifestation.

  14. In love, we feel more than we should, suffer more than we think, dream more than we live, and say more than we believe.

  15. Jealousy is the greatest discomfort, and an act of violence upon oneself and others.

  16. The only thing men do not forgive other men is a more beautiful wife.

  17. Women constantly have the desire to be loved, even when they do not love, that is why they often give themselves to men who they find physically repulsive.

  18. Women do not lie to attack, but to defend themselves

  19. Love is proof of intelligence, a man without ideas and a simpleton with no manners cannot be in love, as love is the greatest poise and most refined anima.

  20. A jealous man is a moral idiot; a jealous woman is worse and more dangerous than an adultress.

  21. A woman is a good servant, but evil master.

  22. I value a man's intellect by his words, and a woman's intellect by her silence.

  23. A man believes in love even when he has never been loved; and gets carried away with love even when he doesn't love a woman.

  24. A Serb has the tendency to denigrate and kill all the great men, and then glorify them in song and writing, and finally declare them as saints.

  25. The greatest fortune in love is achieved by not asking a woman to be faithful.

  26. It is a great misfortune when a man doesn't know what he wants to do, and a true catastrophe when he doesn't know what he can do.

  27. A woman pretends and lies when she loves and when she loves not.

  28. Like hunger, love has no eyes; but jealousy has no brains.

  29. Women do not know how to respect, they do know how to love. Therefore they seek not respect but to be loved.

  30. A woman will not separate herself from a man if she doesn't have a man in reserve.

  31. A woman is never repulsed by a worn woman, she will seek her company.

  32. Even the most enamoured woman has a place in her soul that desires revenge upon the man she loves. A dark seed of adultery and malice, which she could not explain to herself, even if she wanted to.

  33. To a man, gods are the connection between him and the cosmos, to a woman gods are just one of the connections to a man. ( as this is an intentionally archaic text, you can easily replace "gods" with knowledge or science, it has a virtually synonymous meaning )

  34. To a man, there's no misfortune a woman cannot neutralize or greatly reduce. The greatness of a woman is in great moments, but on small events, a woman is petty.

  35. To believe that a man can truly love only one woman forever, you need an imagination which borders on madness.