Easy pickup in Lake Tahoe..a Field Report.

February 13, 2019

Hasn't been a field report posted here in quite some time, thought I'd step to the plate.

The scene, South Lake Tahoe, June last year.

Had a coworker/friend/motorcycle buddy Sam getting married there on a boat, big destination wedding.

Blue as they come. He was raised in a religious town, had been with only one girl his entire life. This guy was 30 when we met. He had moved out to the left coast for work, his GF has tailed along.

I introduced him to snowboarding and motorcycling and rivertubing and guns and good beer and a love of doing what I wanted with my own life.

Despite being ten years older, and married, I was spinning plates with my wife's knowledge before I knew that term existed. Active in both the lifestyle and Ds scenes. Lifting heavy things and putting them back down for 30 years, wealthy from working my ass off and being smart with it.

Sam began to hang with my social group. His GF didn't like our freewheeling ways, and just up and left him one day, returning to her hometown. He crashed at my place for a bit, I began to wingman for him, showing him the ways. He was a natural. Must have slept with 5 girls in a month. Unfortunately one of those girls, a bonafide religious nutjob, hooked him and didn't want to let go... Sam was now a dad. He didn't get married to her. It was another of those 5 hookups. Renee. Serial monogamy.

Arrived in Tahoe looking good. Summer cut had left me lean. Jacked but not shredded. 4pack. 5'10, 190. Had brought some new suits down that I'd had tailored to fit my v cut, some sweet blue suede shoes, nice shades. Met the bridal party at the lakeshore resort. I was by far the highest SMV guy there. Sam was from the Carolinas, food and tobacco are big. The people were big. None of the bridesmaids were appealing in the least. Neverless I met everybody, was a hit with the mom of the bride, (maybe too big of a hit... she kissed me full on the lips several times as hello/goodbye) who paraded me around with introductions. Met the guys. Childhood friends, all blue.

The first night, after the rehearsal dinner, we walked to a bar literally across the street. Nice spot, big outdoor tables with fireboxes as centerpieces. Just the guys and Renee. I went to the bar to order drinks, and opened a couple of women sitting there. They were sisters, the younger getting married that weekend too. She didn't look happy. I told a few stories, and got the older sister's number before I left with a tray full of drinks, inviting them to come hang with us outside so they could "talk to Sam and Renee".

I went back to the table, and proceeded to join the conversations, just enjoying the weather as the twilight encroached. Leaning back, shooting the shit and laughing. Having a good time. Learning the stories of Sam's childhood. Forgot about the girls, and there were no targets in the vicinity. Plus, I was there to hang out, women were secondary.

About 15 minutes later, the girls appeared. The younger sister, the bride to be, Michelle, sat down in my lap suddenly despite an empty chair, slightly swolesting my forearm. Older sister Jen took the empty chair next to me.

We continue to be rowdy, laughing and shooting the shit with the ten or so other guys. Michelle continued to sit in my lap, leaning back against my chest.

Jen leaned over on the other side, touched my arm to get my attention, and whispered,"Tell me you're a good guy." I laughed and told her I wasn't just good, I was great. The festivities started to wind down, the guys had all gotten a little wasted and were getting sloppy.

I told everybody I was tired and had to make the long trek across the street soon. I pointed to the resort. Jen took the hint, and also said they were leaving. We three left together. As I was nearing the doors, I told them I had a few great bottles of wine in my room if they were interested. This got them into the lobby, where they both paused, talking. Cold feet. I took the lead.

I pulled out my extra room keycard, and handed it to Michelle. "Girls, I'm going up. My room is 205. Come up if you want, otherwise just leave the key on the desk. Goodnight." Gave them both a hug. Jen whispered "be good to her".

I went upstairs. Soon there was a knock on the door, and when I opened it, both sisters were standing there nude in the hallway. I....

Comeon guys, this isn't Penthouse forum.

Michelle was standing there. Jen wasn't. We made the sex. She called her sister to come pick her up hours later. Thanked me.

That was day one. That was a lay per day 3 day weekend, I can bore you with the other two FR's if you wish.

Some TRP praxeology ....

Lift. Literally nothing else will make you look and feel better. Core Tenet.

Dress a little better than everybody else, and a little peacock feather never hurts.

Find a pivotal person to quickly get known to a large group.

Get the number, don't "need" the number.

Be sexual and be ok with being sexual.

Move women from their spot into your circle, but give plausible deniability.

Be the best option in your group.

Don't get sloppy.

Have something in your room.. wine, your stamp collection, a playlist.

Outcome independence. Very little actually matters.

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