I was watching some serial killers interviews today and I just stumbled in this with Ed Kemper. What he said about his motivation in killing women made me think a while about the importance of TRP to men. Here is the excerpt that got my attention:


3:20 why did you actually kill the girls? EK: My frustration? My inability to communicate socialy, sexualy, I wasn't impotent (?) but emotionally I was impotent (?). I was scared to death of failing male-female relationships. I knew absolutely nothing about the whole area. Even just sitting down and talking to the young lady.

Here are the motivators for killing women:

  1. Inability to communicate socialy;
  2. Inability to communicate sexualy;
  3. Scared of failing in relationship - fear of rejection/abandon;

There's a discussion about his crazy mother/grandmother here on TRP so I'm not going to talk about that, please check: https://archive.is/VlwHx

My point is, this three factors, inability to communicate socialy/sexualy and fear of rejection/abandon are not just minor issues. They are very serious to men, they generate great frustration, sorrow and ressentiment, that in extreme cases, can lead to a patology wich will affect every man in different levels.

The message I want to share, specially with the new users is, if you have this kind of issues, overcome your shame, your fear, maybe the online help is not enough, so ask for help, find a buddy you can trust, a psycologist in the area. You have no obligation to born knowing everything, each person has his own limitations.

Also, we must fight against the shaming tatic used against those who seek help in this area, from women and men that are so plugged in that they believe that asking for help in this area is bullshit, using the loser labels against those who need real care and attention. Your problem with social interactions and women is not a minor issue, is something you must work on and will change your life.

Finally, I'm happy to be a member of this community. We, right here, are saving lives. I am sure there are guys out there so frustrated about their issues that they want to grab a knife and start butchering women.

About Ed Kemper: https://archive.is/5fDxc

Lessons Learned:

  1. The absence of social and sexual skills and fear are not a minor problem as some people try to sell us, it can lead to a lot of pathologies, including serial killing.

  2. We must expose shaming tactics and fight against them to pull out men out of the matrix.

  3. Don't be ashamed to ask for help. Find the right persons.

  4. We are saving lives.