Election Day Discussion

November 3, 2020

Election Day 2020 Tribe

Since we tend to try to keep US politics mostly off the sub unless it directly relates to sexual strategy, I figured there may be a desire for red pill folks to connect on the topic of the election.

It's hard to discuss important topics with likeminded individuals when there are no avenues to do so.

Join our Election Day 2020 Tribe and join in our predictions and follow along with discussion of what happens tonight and for the rest of the week.

Discussion about this is most likely going to be expressly banned from Reddit, as it is from Twitter and Facebook. (This should scare you)

I believe entire communities will be up on the chopping block for allowing uncensored discussion on who tonights winner is or is not.

Because of this, we are locking the discussion here, but feel free to participate:

Election Day 2020 Tribe

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