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End Game

January 20, 2016

“Women finally desire me after all this time, and I’ve had regular satisfying sex at last. But I’m not happy. What do I do now? What’s the point of all this?”

There’s been an ongoing but steadily increasing tempo in this vein among the average RP’er. Naturally this comes as no surprise given that TRP has been around for several years and many are well past the introductory areas of their learning. And while there is a lot of variety among the populace here you’ll soon see there are still universals to be drawn about RP endgame.

What makes a man happy? Is it women? Sex? Money? Freedom? In their absence their sudden acquisition brings about happiness, but the feeling is fleeting. A virgin has trouble understanding how someone could get bored fucking their girlfriend, a man in a long-lasting relationship wonders how someone could get bored fucking a new girl every week, and the man fucking sluts weekly wonders how anyone wouldn’t want to be in an enduring, loving long-term relationship. The fantasy in one’s head is always greater than the actualized reality.

What’s the true path for an aspiring Alpha already on his way?

You might be inclined to say “Anything he feels like”, but that’s far too simple and more importantly, unhelpful. The real answer is “Anything that positions him to actualize any future goals”. Goals that cannot, by necessity, include women. In short, power.

Every man should have a mission. And I don’t mean the lifting, the approaching, the bedding of women; these things you should be doing already. Every man needs a goal to aspire to to keep him on an ever improving path. This is standard knowledge here. What one needs to consider is that some actions lend themselves better towards future goal acquisition than others. And none are more effective than the combined elements of power: Money, fame and influence.

The most easily achieved of all these things is money, and it’s arguably the most important. Money begets money, and so has a non-linear growth so long as it’s continually re-invested. And most important of all, it makes your mission that much easier to accomplish.

Consider the case of the RP man who is tired of fucking vapid, empty-minded sluts. What’s his endgame? Maybe he wants a family, with lots of children. Of course, he’s smart enough to recognize that getting married is fucking stupid, so he’s at a dead end. With enough money, that’s less of a concern. You can afford to raise children as a single-father with the aid of nannies. If in an LTR, you can afford to jump state lines to somewhere more friendly towards men, namely a state without cohabitation laws. Or even to another country altogether. You can even afford to pay for an expensive wedding just to get her to comply – so long as she agrees that you won’t be signing any papers. And in the worst case scenario you have access to high-priced lawyers to get you out of a bind. You need money in this life.

The rest is up to you. Maybe you want to help a subsection of humanity with the time you have on earth. Maybe you want to see the capital of every country. Maybe you want to fundamentally change how the world works. Or maybe you just want to disappear and do fingerpainting. And when one goal is actualized you move onto the next. With the right amount of power any and all of these things become actual options rather than dreams in your head, which starts you on the path to real happiness. Start planning how you will develop this wealth, how you will train yourself to be disciplined with money, and how you will see frivolous spending of money as giving up your very real power, if you want to see yourself with a prospective future.

Every man must have a mission, but before he can see it through he needs to gather the right tools.

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