TL;DR Rant about my recent realization on the far reaching effects of lack of trust and cooperation between men and women.


Hookup culture (a.k.a. Women’s Liberation, a.k.a. Modern Feminism) is on the (highly successful) warpath of destroying marriage and trust between men and women. It is known. Plenty of articles and statistics that show marriage (and now even dating) in decline.

Yet the betas and feminist-pandering media will never look at the real cause and will only use this to further try to prove how men are lacking in terms of ability or willingness to commit. While it’s true that the current economic and social situation respectively hinder a man’s ability and willingness to commit, the feminists would much rather blame it on the failure of males as a gender and as such culture and laws need to further change to improve the situation. GOD FUCKING DAMMIT, again this is true. Culture and laws do need to change in the fact that men shouldn’t be considered disposable and alimony shouldn’t be legal. But instead, they use the reasoning of “most men” not committing (a.k.a. good ol’ Chad) to lock down Billy betas into being “real men” by making them go through leaps and bounds (a.k.a. shit tests) to prove how much they are committed.

Now you may ask yourself, why is this important?

Marriage conveys a sense of meaning, purpose, direction and stability that tends to benefit adults and especially children. People who get married have an expectation of sexual fidelity, and that fidelity tends to engender a sense of trust and security.

This decline in marriage is the last thing a fragile economy needs. Historically, a rising household formation rate has contributed to America's financial success. People meet, they marry, they buy a home, they have children and they buy more things.

Without dating, there is no marriage, and without marriage, there is no strong economy. The truth is that marriage is necessary for civilization to exist in the first place. At the same time, marriage is the lie society has to keep feeding itself in order to maintain the status quo. In a foolish bid for social and economic power, feminism has torn this metaphoric fabric only to unravel the ties holding civilization together.

It’s a vicious, self-propagating phenomenon. Economic hardships make marriage less feasible, while the declining marriage rate further disrupts spending and growth.

Men, I don’t know exactly what we’re in for but it’s not going to be pretty. To avoid being in this mess, you have to stay on top. Keep working out and keep focusing on your career/academics.

”Monogamy is a lie.” – Trainwreck (2015)

”Hypergamy is real.” – The Red Pill (Forever and always)