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🔥 🤯 Esoteric Testosterone and General Endocrine Hacks from the Greek Pantheon 🤯🔥

August 3, 2021


We all know of the cultural war on masculinity, how only assholes lift weights and how manspreading is bad because reasons?

But what do we know of a chemical one? Maybe its (((them))), maybe it's corruption by Big Pharma/FDA , maybe there's a concerted effort to make fat, weak and easily controlled men, or maybe its just ignorance mixed with incompetence. Either way, our food is poisoned; wrecking damage on testosterone and general endocrine health in a multitude of ways.

Let's find out how, where these poisons are and how to avoid them.

(N.B. Whilst masculinity is openly demonised, its secretly coveted and rewarded. Women fawn over the muscular guy in the club. Hollywood/feminists define strength entirely through a masculine lens via traits like bravery, assertiveness, arrogance, combative skill and dominance: the girl boss trope is simply copying masculine strengths and pasting it onto a woman. True feminism would actually define female strength through a female lens optimising female attributes, but obviously this is not the case for this entire movement is not an organic one but an astroturfed one. Feminism may truly be one of the biggest shit tests...and men failed it... by a lot).



Let's start off nice and easy. This one should ring a few bells as it's been discussed before. Parabens, typically in the forms of methyl/ethyl/butly paraben, are estrogen mimicking chemicals. Typically found in skincare and hair products. They are getting phased out though so alternatives shouldn't be too hard to come by. The only way they can persist is via the ingredient "fragrance." Unfortunately, "fragrance" is a way for perfumes/aftershaves to hide a concoction of chemicals without needing to disclose a breakdown of the mixture so hypothetically, they could sneak in a paraben or two and you'd be none the wiser. Perfumes use this sneaky label all the time. Talking about skincare, avoid tree tea oil and lavender oil completely. These are very potent endocrine disruptors and estrogen mimickers, so strong they have made prepubescent boys grow tits. Google "lavender oil breasts boy" if you don't believe me.


Another common and potent endocrine disruptor. This one is found in soaps, shampoos and hairsprays and in plastic bottles for increased flexibility. You'll find this one is getting phased out, but check your current items for them and find alternatives. Paraben-free and phthalate-free items are getting more and more common by the day so alternatives shouldn't be hard to find.


One of the key ingredient in beer, Hops, is a phytoestrogen....and a strong one at that.

But, be honest, did you really need me to tell you beer makes you fat, weak and soft? The phrase "beer belly" can tell you everything you need to know. Just go to your bar and see what all the fat men are drinking. You don't require an academic source for this. There's nothing manly about being 25% bodyfat with bitch tits. Beer being designated as a manly drink is merely Psy Op, but then again, these days....what isn't?

Don't drink beer, it's estrogenic and has way too many calories. Opt for lower calorie alternatives- wine, spirits etc.


Aluminium is an endocrine disruptor and neurotoxin and has been found to contribute to neurological degenerative diseases like Alzheimers and Parkinsons. Found in deodorants, and also cookware made from aluminium (duh) . The good news is aluminium-free deodorants do exist..you just got to look in the right places. There's numerous alternatives to aluminium cookware too: cast iron, stainless steel are the first two that come into mind. Granite, ceramic, copper also exist as healthy options but do your research on this. Ceramic cookware can sometimes be coated with lead/cadmium compounds which aren't very good either. That's like dumping a feminist plate only to pickup a fat plate instead. No bueno. Do your research on non toxic cookware. All these alternatives can have varying quality; e.g. stainless steel is made with varying amounts of nickel and chromium. Cookware with 18/8 or 18/10 stamped on the bottom are the least likely to have these poisonous metals that leach into food.

Don't cheap out on your cookware; these are your tools to create your demi-god physique. Acquire high quality cookware today so you don't need to buy a replacement tomorrow.

Aluminium is also used in vaccines alongside other substances like formaldehyde. Curious isn't it?

On the topic of cooking, avoid ALL non-stick cookware like teflon and any other cookware containing any perfluorinated compounds (PFCs). Notice the fluori bit? That's fluoride...this is probably the bit in PFC that's dangerous. More on fluoride later.

PFCs are used as non-stick coatings on pans but are actually dangerous. These leach into food and are potent endocrine disruptors, wrecking havoc on testosterone and can even shrink penises. Again, the solution would be replace all non-stick cookware with safer ones like cast iron and high quality stainless steel. More on the dangers here, here and here.

Seed oils/vegetable oils

Now let's start getting more esoteric.

Modern diet culture has been totally Psy Op'd into replacing cooking with natural fats like butter, lard, olive oil with seed oil/vegetable oils. Such new seed oils are: soybean oil (will come back to this), rapeseed oil, cottonseed oil, safflower, peanut, sesame canola oil, corn oil, and sunflower oil.

Although they may be called "vegetable" oils (implying healthy), they are anything but. All those oils are heavily industrialised and inflammatory substances. And people are eating these in big quantities...every day! These are the oils everything is cooked/fried in. Check any processed food at home, and you'll see at least one of them listed. These oils are very unhealthy and inflammatory for a few reasons:

Firstly, extracting oils from seeds/beans is difficult so you need industrial power like intense heat to extract them but this leads to degradation and oxidation of the oils creating free radicals (very reactive) that go on to react with and degrade healthy tissue. This is the same mechanism behind why radiation is bad for you. Secondly, carcinogenic chemical solvents like hexane or bleaches are used to cover the rancid smell or flavor of the oil after it has been extracted. Thirdly, their omega-6 to omega 3 fatty acid ratios are fucked; the recommended being 4:1 or sometimes even lower. The average ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids in the American diet is between 10:1 to 25:1! That is well into the red zone. Why? Due to all these inflammatory seed oils being ubiquitous in food. E.g. the omega ratio in corn alone is 46:1! And yet you will find corn and corn oil used almost everywhere. Almost like the agencies sworn to protect public health not only don't care about public health, but they actively try to ruin it by permitting some of the worst ingredients through.

Coming back to soybean oil, if there is one seed oil you give up, make sure it's this one. Soybean oil is probably the worst out of the bunch. Why? Firstly...it's soy. But secondly, not only do you get the problems stated above but also it negatively affects neurological conditions like autism, Alzheimer's disease, anxiety, and depression. Source for the nerds wanting citations.

So what do about seed oils?

Eliminate all processed food that you can. Chips, processed bars, cookies, cakes, all these types of foods use it. This is common sense. But, also don't cook with them at all. If you have a container of any seed oil, throw it out right now. Only cook with olive oil, butter, lard, or if you want to be a proper hippie about it, avocado or coconut oil.

A quick about olive oil and butter. Make sure you buy Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) and don't buy a cheap, generic one. A lot of common olive oils from the supermarket are diluted with cheap, industrial seed oils (surprise, surprise). Invest in a high quality one. EVOO from California is decent, I prefer European EVOO though. The best olive oil you can get is from Spain/Greece/Italy. This is the original holy trinity.

With butter, make sure you buy in the stick form not the tub form. The tub form is about half butter and half rapeseed oil (to make it easier to spread). But the stick (harder one) is fully butter and a tiny bit of salt added on top (sometimes), nothing else.

Even foods like meat, eggs and dairy can be high in omega-6’s because most animals are fed diets of corn and soy. (Imagine buying chicken and cows fed only seed oils to only then cook into even more seed oil. Now do you see why everyone is chronically sick?)

Make sure your meat get grass fed, pasture raised and organic to avoid high omega-6s. (more on this later).


Fuck soy and any of its derivatives like tofu and tempeh. Soy is also high in phytic acid and trypsin inhibitors which blocks the absorption of many vitamins, minerals and proteins. Only the Not Gonna Make It (NGMI) eat soy these days.

You aren't a NGMI, are you reader?

And soy boy meme is very real. Art imitates real life these days. Source is right here.

This is what the strongest, most muscular soy eater looks like ; and this is what the weakest, smallest meat eater looks like. So, which way western man? Are you gonna be a good little consoomer, own nothing, eat soy and live in tiny housing for muh environment? Or are you gonna eat like a king of kings consuming only the most organic and purest of foods and join me in the Pantheon?

Artificial Dyes

Dyes like red 40, yellow 5, yellow 6, blue 1 are also ubiquitous in food (processed food). These are colourings to give food an artificial (a very artificial) colour they wouldn't have otherwise. The reason why manufacturers use this instead of natural flavourings, like beta carotene, apart from them wanting to kill you, is because these artificial ones produce a much vibrant colour. In other words, they use artificial and fake colourings to make your food look more artificial and fake.

These dyes, however, are not very safe. They cause hyperactivity, attention problems, ADHD and some, like Yellow 5, have been associated with behavioural changes including irritability, restlessness, depression and difficulty with sleeping. Some European and Asian countries know what's up though, they either outright have banned them or manufacturers are required to put separate warning labels specifically detailing which dyes are present and their respective problems.

Luckily, they are not too hard to avoid. They are mostly in the most processed of foods like candy, chocolate, processed snacks etc. But be careful, they do find their way into sauces, condiments, soft drinks and sports drinks too. Feels good to be American right? FDA lets poison reign free on the shelves but come down hard on natural supplements like NAC.


Just like how food is poisoned, so is water. Water these days can have all kinds of contaminants such as pesticides/herbicides, heavy metals, and fluoride. Some countries even manually add fluoride themselves for the "greater good" of their population. Fluoride is known to pose a great health risk: it can leach calcium from bones, cause thyroid problems and lower IQ. Perhaps, this is the greater good they are citing: a dumbed down population with brittle bones. For this, look into water filters. Artificial fluoride (sodium fluoride) is actually industrial run-off. That's right...big pharma/agriculture lobbied congress to put their industrial waste into the water supply. Get the name of your local water supplier and go to their website/call them to see the exact composition of the water and whether they fluoridate it. And if they do, get a filter. Reverse Osmosis, and other kinds of filters can drastically decrease the concentration of these toxins.

If fluoride/heavy metals are your specific concern, pay heed to the kind of filter you use, because not all filters remove these as these are atoms we are talking about, not molecules like atrazine for example. You may want to consider getting a shower filter too because your biggest organ is your skin which acts like a sponge absorbing whatever you put on it. Under heat, or a warm shower, your skin's pores open up more and if your water is fluoridated, guess what your skin is absorbing?

You could evade this problem by just drinking bottled water but that poses its dangers too. The plastic/plasticizer leaches into bottles, rendering them only fit for one time use, if that. Not to mention, here you are going in blind, not all water brands disclose their mineral composition (so the fluoride problem comes up here) nor do they tell you about phthalates and other plasticizers (substances that make the plastic flexible). But from my research, I can say Evian and Acqua Panna are good. There's a website that compares all these brands somewhere...look into it if you are travelling and only have access to bottled water and prioritise buying from these brands.

If your local water fluoride levels is too high/is artificially fluoridated, I'd recommend getting a filter and drinking it with a steel/glass bottle. If your water only has trace amounts of natural fluoride (calcium fluoride) from rocks, you may not need a filter as this fluoride isn't the same compound as artificial fluoride, it won't leach calcium from your bones since it's already bonded to it from the rock and should be more inert and less reactive, but again, do your research.

Eating organic/pasture raised/grass fed

Gonna lump all this together since it's all pretty much the same thing.


Eat organic as possible. A lot of these are dowsed in pesticides/herbicides...that's modern agriculture for you. However, some are more dowsed than others. Look up dirty dozen and clean dozen list of vegetables and fruits. These are the lists of fruits/vegetables which receive the most and least pesticides respectively. Prioritise on eliminating the dirty dozen from your diet or swapping them to organic, then move on to the switching the clean dozen to organic, if you really want. After checking those lists. you won't see your favourite fruits/vegetables the same again. But don't fret, broccoli did make the clean dozen...you don't have to switch that to organic. Or maybe it pays to be paranoid.


You like eggs? No...not those kind of eggs, everyone likes that kind anyway. I'm talking about chicken or duck eggs (remember this fitness scam product?)

Then you probably want to know what you are eating...and what the chickens are. Why?

"Chicken Feed" Feeds You, Too! Many of the nutrients chickens eat find their way into the eggs you eat eventually. That's why knowing the chickens' diet is important. So if chicken farmers add soy and corn (remember, very skewed omega 6 to omega 3 ratios) to their chickens' diet, pump them up with GMOs, and give them all kinds of hormones, guess what their eggs will be like?

Get your eggs pasture raised/organic. All other labels like cage free, cruelty free, free range are just bullshit labels, companies can use to make their eggs seem different than the regular versions when they are not. Thanks FDA/USDA, viva la corrupción!

If your eggs aren't a deep orange, your eggs are shitty (but probably not as shitty as the eggs from a 28 year woman).


Similar story with meat. What your meat eats, affects you too. A lot of meat these days is pumped with growth hormones and fed GM corn/soy. How nutritious! /s

Eat organic/grass fed chickens/beef/lamb. There is also some bullshit going on with the "grass-fed" label, the label doesn't always mean what you think it does. The grass fed label can be given if you fed your cows only a blade of grass and finished them with corn/soy. After all, you did technically feed them grass. Nobody asked how much. That’s why you have to look out for the grass finished label; that’s when they were started and finished on a grass only diet. If that wasn’t confusing enough, sometimes grass fed can also mean grass finished. Viva la corrupción!

So what do?

Look out for grass finished beef where you can, and ask your butcher/read the label. Also, try out bison and organ meats like liver. (Strongman Champion Bryan Shaw recommends bison).May be more expensive but they are more nutritional than regular meat.

Salmon or fish in general

Eat them wild caught never farmed. The farmed are fed absolute shit.

Research has seen the processed dry feed used is the most toxic ingredient consumed by farmed fish. High contamination levels in these specific fish come from dioxins, PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls which are very toxic) and a mix of drugs and extremely dangerous chemicals, which could cause permanent damage to the human body. At the same time, these substances are linked to autism and immunodeficiency and endocrine disorders. Farmed salmon contains PCB which are linked to a number of cancer types. Synthetic astaxanthin, mostly administered to give farmed salmons the typical pink colour of wild salmon, is also dangerous. Clearly, not stuff you want to eat.

You want your salmon orange, not pink.


Whey Protons:

Whey Protons are a very bioavailable and cheap source of protein compared to other protein sources like meat/eggs/greek yoghurt. I like mine organic/grassfed since what the cows were fed, eventually feeds me too. Luckily, this version of protein is barely more expensive than regular protein. If you have lactose intolerances/sensitivity, get whey isolate instead of whey concentrate. Most, if not all, the lactose is removed. Though I have no intolerances, I get isolate since I'm not paying to eat sugars/fats from the powder, I'm buying purely for the protein. But, there's nothing wrong/bad with whey concentrate.


Ah yes, the infamous steroid... creatine. I recommend getting this in its monohydrate form. You don't need to preload on this by ingesting 20g+, that's just a scam to get you to buy more of it. Just take 5g a day (a scoop) and you will be fine.


Zinc is important for testosterone, wound healing, creating new sperm, preventing hair loss, boosting immune system and decreasing inflammation . If you are going to supplement with zinc, something I recommend unless you are eating oysters everyday, then choose zinc picolinate, glycinate, citrate or gluconate. Don't get zinc oxide/sulphate. Companies like to cheap out on those shitty, less bioavailable sources.

But be careful not to OD on zinc, zinc and copper compete for the same receptor sites... too much Zinc= Copper deficiency and too much Copper= Zinc deficiency. Maximum dose should be around 30mg/day. Most companies don't even do such a dose. With the copper predicament, I recommend either having a combined zinc and copper (bullet proof does one) or just make a conscious effort of eating copper rich foods like broccoli and others.

Vitamin D3

Similar story for Vitamin D3: good for testosterone, hair and immune system among other benefits. Recommend supplementing with at least 2-3K IU a day but nothing wrong with 4-5K IU.


Magnesium plays many crucial roles in the body, some of which include supporting muscle and nerve function, and energy production. It regulates sleep and preventing high blood pressure, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and osteoporosis. Unfortunately modern soil has been deteriorating more and more, causing magnesium levels to deplete That's why it's harder for you to get your daily magnesium without supplementing than your grandparents (not so true with zinc/vitamin d3). Another reason why you should supplement, is magnesium helps your body use Vitamin D3. It "unlocks" the Vitamin D3 for your body to use.


Thorne, Pure encapsulations, Now , Life extension, Jarrow, Solgar. All these brands are good. I use Pure encapsulations at the moment.


Yeah, this is quite a lot to take in. But unless you are eating a couch potato diet, you'd find most of these you already have down anyway, and just need a few tweaks here and there. My philosophy is quite simple, you only have one body, and in a world that continuously poisons you with little regard for improving general health and wellbeing, it pays to look after it. Take care of it now and your body will take care of you when you are old.

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