Excuses. Keep them to yourself.

May 25, 2017

I see too many people making excuses for their behaviour. Even the simplest of actions procure an excuse. You may think you are reasoning with somebody as to why you did what you did, but in actuality you are just kicking dirt over the grave of your competence. Even the slightest breeze reveals the truth.

I know why we do it. Other people know why they do it themselves. It's an attempt to justify our actions. It's a defensive mechanism that develops comfort. If I have a suitable reason for my mistakes then they are no longer mistakes. We are victims of coincidence. Victims of the situation. Otherwise, you would not have made a mistake, right?

It's like getting pulled over by the police and your car reeks of dope. You might risk offering him some cash to let you go on your way. Maybe even a big bag of dope. Double down on the consequences. Hoping for that big pay out. Thats what you are doing, except nobody can buy anything with your bullshit. It has no substance or value. You will always lose.

Maybe it's just not a good day. We had a headache for the last 2 hours and my work space is just too warm. We left a stressful home and our minds are distracted. Nobody cares. Keep that information to yourself. To admit such is not only annoying for others to hear, but exposes your weaknesses.

We fuck up a lot. We all make mistakes that in hindsight could have been avoided. It is possible to express these revelations without using them as a defensive mechanism. Next time you make a mistake and that excuse comes bubbling up from inside. Swallow it. Own the situation and take responsibility. You can just say "I made a mistake." It gets the point across quickly and efficiently. Nobody will pester you for a reason. Your admittance of guilt is all that is required.

If you are late for work then you are late for work. Your 25 minute story about your dumb ass dog taking a shit on the carpet last night because it ate some bullshit out of the trash. Then you spending a half hour trying to scrub the stain out before you leave doesn't make you any less late for work. Now your boss knows your late and you can't even keep a dog from fucking with you.

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