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Extend the red pill beyond women.

March 2, 2021

Too many of have taken the red pill but only with women and so unironically are like this:

"Yeah, they lied to me about women, my parents, friends, teachers, Hollywood, schools, college, media and the general establishment couldn't teach me a basic skill of how to connect with women. It got so bad I had to consult reddit. Not only did I need to consult reddit, but even then, I found, most of normal reddit advice was wrong. Thus, I had to go a secluded, quarantined sub within reddit and listen to randoms internet assholes on how to meet a basic physiological need (sex). I saw time and time again that the very things I was taught women would sexually respond to were actually wrong, that in fact the exact opposite works. 'Negative/Wrong' action leads to positive results."

So far, this is literally TRP reader's story right?

Ok, so far so good.

"Fuck the establishment for lying to me about women, they were completely wrong and not a single thing they said held true.... but I'm sure they haven't lied to me about anything else."

Huh? Really? You think the establishment that lied to you about women, and lied so greatly, that you were forced to go to this sub and to this day can't find similar info anywhere on the mainstream, aren't lying about anything else?

Remember, this is the very same establishment that sold you blue pill dating advice, "traditional masculinity (marked by dominance, stoicism, competitiveness, dominance and aggression)is, on the whole, harmful" and nutritional advice such as this. 11 servings of carbs would roughly amount to 2000 calories btw. 2000 calories.....from carbs alone. How much does that leave for calories from protein/fat? Not enough.

They waged war against fat creating a boom of fat-free foods when that was the last thing you need. They sold you on trans fat and cooking with all kinds of seed oils (rapeseed oil, soybean oil) and telling you of the "dangers" of healthy fats from meat, avocados, nuts and butter.

Apollo, are you saying to believe in conspiracy theories?

Firstly, don’t use establishment made terms to discourage critical thinking/anti establishment thinking. That term was coined by the CIA specifically to discourage critical thinking. Playing within their frame automatically causes you to lose.

Secondly, every single person reading this is already a de facto "conspiracy theorist" harbouring wrong think.

How Apollo? I could never be a naughty conspiracy theorist, the establishment have my best intentions at heart, despite them colossally failing me in the past.

Well, what is a "conspiracy theorist"?

It’s simply someone who is skeptical about the current narrative they are being told.

Sound familiar? Everyone here, at one point, was skeptical of mainstream dating advice. At another point, they also became skeptical of mainstream internet advice like r relationship advice or r seduction.

The Red pill is synonymous with being skeptical.

You got here by being skeptical about women.

I'm saying there's more out there to be skeptical of, such as:

- Our food.

- Elite billionaires like our own chief medical expert and software programmer Bill Gates warning of decentralised currencies. I'm sure he really cares about the little guy when he buys bitcoin.

-Our banking system. Money printer go brrr.

-Tradcucks like Jordan petershill.

Just consider, if they can lie to you about women, what else can they lie about?

Be skeptical of everything. Always.

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