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Fear not rejection, fear not getting rejected enough.

July 27, 2020

Incoming slightly lengthy post so sit down, relax and grab something. Done? Now, let’s sperg out on asktrp, read the sidebar and plate single moms our way straight into this.

Rejection: The biggest part holding a lot of guys back(new guys) is the fear of rejection.

But when a girl rejects you... what did she actually reject?

Did she look at everything that you have done, everything that you will, everything that you succeeded at and failed at, all the opinions of your friends and family and then make a judgement call on all that?


What happened was she made a judgement call on the snapshot you gave her.

That snapshot was a 1-3 minute interaction you had where all she knew was your name and maybe another one or two superficial details.

She rejected that. Not you as a whole person.

She rejected the snip-it you presented.

Maybe it was your body language, tone or maybe she was on her period or your hair reminded her of her ex.

Girls are retarded and illogical. Man’s nature is to always find logical reasoning behind everything but with emotional creatures, it’s not always possible.

Always let the woman decide why she rejected you, don’t do the work for her.

But if you knew it was one of the former things that felt off (ie something you can change like tone and posture) bare that in mind and adjust next approach. If not, just move on.

But lets say you get rejected.

What happens next?

Absolutely nothing.

Did you die?

Did anything remotely important change?


You still got everything, your body is in one piece, you still got your health, your money and your family and friends are still well (until some old woman with the last name that rhymes with Hilton comes after you).

The world just keeps rotating. And always will.

Do you think the opinion of a 110lb 5’3 girl changes anything?

Vast majority of men didn’t reproduce: at one point only about 1 in 17 men did.

I tried working out what that was as a percentage but common core failed me.

Only a tiny minority passed on their genes. You are these very genes, this very blood...descended from literal warriors and hunters.

Your ancestors killed sabre tooth tigers for a living.

So does it make sense to fear the opinion of someone that is vastly weaker (10x less testosterone than you) and shorter than you and bleeds once a month?

It’s just a girl. A random girl that you barely knew and she you.

But...Apollo...I don’t like being rejected.

Well, in the wise words of Vas/Sir kolbath:

*1st rejection may feel shitty.

10th rejection may feel like something.

50th rejection feels like nothing*.

You have to go through them to de-sensitise you to it.

Understand that the feelings you get are valid, but they won’t kill you.

Best way of training yourself would be telling yourself “hey I’m still alive and well, this feeling of rejection didn’t hurt me” upon rejection.

You’ll only be truly free when you have nothing to fear.

One thing I can promise you is that your closing WILL get better.

(There was a guy here with a FR where he had thousands upon thousands rejections to bang one girl, now his closing rate is sky high).

With practice, nothing stays the same forever.

Literally nothing. You are guaranteed some level of improvement.

Practice playing tennis and you’ll become better at tennis; you’ll hit more shots consistently and hit better shots.

Same thing here.

Fuck you Apollo, fuck your Greek pantheon, fuck this red pill shit, I can’t do this shit. I hate getting rejected!

Okay, but what other path do you have?

You could just only go for girls that are very DTF right off the bat, and will make it very obvious for you.

But this is a tiny minority.

Girls communicate covertly so naturally they won’t make it obvious or very easy for you and most girls that will sleep with you will be somewhere near neutral/lukewarm about you.

Going for only these types of girls WILL mean you are leaving girls on the table.

You can be the guy with the 100% CONVERSION RATE or you can be the guy that’s had the MOST CONVERSIONS.

I’m a Brit but I’ll use an example the yanks will get to show which option one should choose:

One of the best, if not the best, basketball players in the world, Michael Jordan:

“I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. That is why I succeed.”


Rejection is natural and part of the game. It’s like salesmanship, you got to go through the No’s to get to the Yes’s.

When you get rejected, it’s not you as a whole that’s getting rejected, it’s that short interaction.

Your genes came from the best warriors/hunters the world has known, so use them...they didn’t get passed onto you just for you to be scared of a tiny, fragile girl.

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