Summary / tl;dr;

People with high SMV, are more likely to be judgmental


People with high SMV are more likely to be judgmental. Why is that?

For instance, you're going to meet up with your idol. You look up to him/her, so you let him/her decide on what to do (as long as they're happy; you're trying to do anything so they want to meet up with you). A woman growing up will be part of a group of girls. The girls with the highest SMV will have girls with lower SMV as friends (female orbiters if you will). The orbiters will leave decision making up to the girls with higher SMV, just for the sake of 'being allowed to be with them'. If they try to be decisive, the higher SMV girls can easily ditch them and get new orbiters.

This thus means the highest SMV women will be pushed (or allowed) in a leadership role and will have to do the decision making, in turn making them more judgmental.

The judgmental trait is associated with leadership, stubbornness, decision making, 'tunnel vision' and is thus a trait which you wouldn't want to find in a girl you want to LTR. (see MBTI for more info on judgmental) In my own experience, it is very difficult to lead a woman that is judgmental, as she will have her own (strong) opinion on a lot of things.

Lessons learned:

  • If you're looking for LTR material, try to look for someone who has (had) higher SMV friends.