Feminism is about Population Control

October 29, 2013

This past weekend I had the opportunity to tool around rural Pennsylvania for a few days. If you have the chance, I highly recommend it. PA is made for the driver, flowing, rolling hills give way to switchbacks as the road you're on ascends thousand-foot mountains.

On Sunday, I must've passed a dozen buggies. Amish take the Sabbath seriously, so after church gets out they all go pleasure driving. Roads are covered in horse shit. One reason there's so many of them is that Amish women are very productive; families of 5, 6, and 8 kids are not uncommon. This allows the Amish to grow at about 5% per year despite the fact that conversion of outsiders to the Amish way is almost nonexistent.

If you closed the United States to new immigrants tomorrow, in 200 years we would be a country of Mormons, Amish, and Orthodox Jews, with a black underclass.

This, I think, is what feminism is ultimately about. All of the gains of feminists past and present reduce the birthrate. Women in the workforce have fewer children. Women who attain advanced degrees have fewer children. Birth control, from The Pill to legalized abortion, lowers the birthrate. And women who pursue the SitC lifestyle and then go looking for a man after they hit their 30s are unlikely to have children at all.

I think this is also why you see such a large push to export feminism to India. China doesn't need feminism; they've already got the one-child policy, so they're good. India has high population and strong patriarchal traditions, so they're the locus. I think this is also why you see such fawning media coverage of the Ordain Women movement in Mormonism, despite the fact that >90% of LDS women don't believe women should be allowed in the Priesthood.

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