Feminist lives as a man for 18 Months and makes some profound conclusions...

October 24, 2016

This may be old news for some of you, but I've recently discovered a piece ABC did about a Lesbian feminist becoming a man for 18 months and what she learned in the process.

What this woman says at the end of the 18 months is mostly mind-blowingly accurate, and is something I wish every single feminist on the planet could hear. The line that sums it all up - "Being a woman is a privilege, and I would rather have female privilege than male privilege."

She talks about how difficult it is for men to approach women; how hostile women become when a certain type of man tries to talk to them. She gains an understanding of male sexuality and explains it as, "For women, sex is up here, in the mind. For men, it's below the waist and is an essential bodily function." She explains how the drive is so intense that it's impossible to ignore, and without having testosterone in their bodies, is something women will never understand.

This really is a fascinating look into what happens when a woman opens her mind for once.

The link:


I'm going to try and find the book she wrote about her experiences, simply because she articulates herself incredibly well and has a way of explaining things about men's lives that I don't even think men are fully aware of themselves. I'm not saying she's a saint by any stretch of the imagination, just that it's nice to see a woman who isn't dogmatically opposed to men the way traditional feminists usually are.

EDIT: I realise now that this has been posted before, but hopefully this will be helpful for some newer members who may not have seen the previous postings.

As he noted below, u/DirtyProject0r had previously written an excellent summary some time ago from a previous account, which is worth a read as well.

As for the Female Privilege being "better" than Male Privilege, it's not that one is intrinsically better than the other, it's that she was pointing out that she would rather live as a woman because women have a lot of things much easier than men. This perception that the Patriarchy is this infallible power the crushes women and lets men get away with anything they want simply isn't true. In general, from a BP perspective at least (which most of the population will see this as), women are the ones that hold the Yes or No decision on sex, relationships, and rejection.

Men spend their lives trying to gather the courage to ask girl after girl out, only to be crushed by a single indignant response - "Go away". Women are worshipped in our society (the attractive/semi-attractive ones at least) and even a 3 can find someone to bang with a lot of makeup, the right clothes, and enough alcohol. A vagina is a vagina. Men need pussy, whereas women only want cock. Any guy under a 5 is usually lucky if they can find a hooker that would agree to fuck them.

Women are used to being chased and complimented. They are always believed; all they have to do is point a finger and make an accusation and everybody is immediately on their side regardless of who is lying. They can live like children in their own little fantasy worlds where everything revolves around them and they never have to face the harsh reality of life because they are so protected from hardship.

I would still choose to be a man any day of the week. The right man who works hard, takes care of himself, and knows what he's doing, will almost always command more respect than a woman in a similar position. It's hard work to get to that level, but once you start and commit to it, it doesn't feel like work at all. It feels like continous reward in exchange for continous dedication.

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