Feminists know they can't get sexual assault convictions when they're made up or have no proof. Feminism continues marching towards their goal of absolute power: TED TALK Jessica Ladd: The reporting system that sexual assault survivors want

March 17, 2016

First of all, if you have time, check out this new TED talk by Jessica Ladd. Here's a quick and dirty synopsis:

She starts her talk with a bunch of made up numbers and dubious math.

  • 1 in 5 Women will be sexually assaulted during their college career. (if this were actually true about any college, women wouldn't go to that institution, let alone parties at that institution)
  • Less than 10% of sexual assaults are reported (we know this because?)
  • Only 6% of the reported sexual assault attackers spend any time in prison. (which of course means apparently 94% have escaped punishment, rather than might be innocent).
  • Women have to think about whether it was rape on average for about 11 months before reporting it. (because that makes fucking sense)

Ready for fuzzy math?

  • With these numbers in mind, it means there is a 99% chance sexual predators will get away with sexual assault. (More on this nonsense math later.)

So, considering that basically every woman is a victim and that every dude is basically a rape machine, the clear problem Jessica presents and purports to solve is that women simply aren't reporting the crime enough to finally put all the guilty people behind bars. (Of course they're guilty, not innocent, don't ask any questions thank you).

So she invents a cell phone app that lets you log your encounter right away (rather than 11 months later), but not commit to actually filing a police report. The subtext here is that she thinks women are waiting 11 months because they're either afraid of coming forward, or afraid that coming forward with no proof won't instantly put the guy in jail. So you can log the encounter with this phone app, and not commit to a police report, but if somebody else logs a similar report about the same person, then it sends both of your reports to the police, because now you have corroboration that there's really something going on.

It seems like a great idea, in theory, to crowd source rape accusations. Actually, no, in theory it's a fucking terrible idea.

So first, let's address the math. Somehow out of all the numbers she managed to prove that 99% of all assailants go free. Rather than consider that maybe the actual crime itself isn't taking place a made up number of times, (the unreported rate, which could theoretically be zero to infinity for all we know), or consider that the people not being put in prison might actually be innocent, she decides that yes, with these made up numbers, there are a great number of rapists on the loose just drooling at a chance to rape rape rape.

But we understand her agenda, the facts don't matter, what matters is that there seems to be some reason why we need to continue honing in on power over men. We may disprove her numbers, in fact, we might find the numbers to be considerably lower than what she says, but the justification survives fact checking: No matter what the real numbers are, we can all agree that there is an epidemic of sexual assault against women, and it's a big problem, and so we should keep working towards fixing it.

It's propaganda. It's high-balling on purpose.

So her solution, the app that turns crime reporting into a social media app, what does it really achieve?

This is where we must look at these actions through the lens of understanding feminism's end goals.

The first question we need to ask is, why is it so darn fucking hard to get women to just report a crime when it happens? There seems to be a strange mismatch between what we're told about sexual assault, what we're told are the number of victims, and the failure of literally anybody to actually act on these attacks that are supposedly happening to everybody.

If we truly have an uncontrolled rape epidemic, there would be riots in the streets, there would be massive numbers of women at police stations giving every detail they can to find safety. They would confide in their friends, and THEY'D NEVER GO OUT ALONE AGAIN, ESPECIALLY TO A COLLEGE PARTY. So why aren't these things happening?

If women really were targets of this heinous amount of crime... wouldn't it be easier to get them to report it? Why is it like pulling teeth just to get women to report all this crime that's obviously happening daily? Why does it seem like women are working against themselves by hiding all of this, willfully ignoring that there are real, punishable crimes happening against them every single day?

Of course feminists know it's not happening.

There is no rape epidemic. There aren't millions of assaults and rapes going unreported.

It's impossible to get the reporting numbers higher because there's nothing more to report.

I would venture a guess, that if we count false accusations, the actual reporting numbers are close to 180% - 200% the actual sexual assault rate. That means we don't have a reporting issue, we have a false reporting issue.

So what's the goal with this app?

Isn't it obvious with the numbers? Women use false reports, not because they think they can get a conviction, but because convictions aren't what they're after. Feminism is a system of power and control over men, and one of the biggest methods for this control is social shame and ostracization.

It's no secret that going against the mainstream hive-mind is a crime punishable by losing friends, family, and your job. It's no coincidence that the mainstream hive-mind just happens to align with the feminine-imperative. Our culture is feminine-primary, we serve the feminine.

So this app is just another power grab to put in the toolbox of feminism's power over men. The goal isn't to increase the report number, or increase convictions. Their goal is to increase men's liability for interacting with women, handing even more control over men to women via public shame and ostracization, with a convenient phone app to secretly build a anti-male database that can be used whenever a man doesn't do as a woman pleases, or whenever she feels regret for any decision she had made, and she can do it without all the muss and fuss of having to actually report a crime!

Up until now, the social shame method has been effective, but spotty and difficult. High profile rape cases (Duke team, mattress girl, etc) have ruined men's lives well before they're found not-guilty. So feminists know it can work. But what's missing is cohesion, saftey, privacy, and ease of use for the average woman.

There is still some risk in becoming a false rape whistle blower. Going to the police with no proof will rarely end up in a conviction and won't have the intended effect they want... they need something stronger, more visible. They can't just jump on facebook and declare "Mike" is a rapist without taking some blowback to their own credibility, at least not yet. So they build a social network dedicated specifically to social shaming and destroying of men, and make it to protect women.

Their goal is to build a social network for women to control men through false rape accusations.

This is not the last time you'll hear about it.

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